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Monday, 22 December 2014

Oi You'll Have Someone Eye Out With That!

See what I have done as I have painted out some more Anglo Danes for Saga/Valhalla this time in the form of King Harold Godwinson and his brothers. These figures are from Gripping Beast once again and are lovely figures. They are from their Heroes of the Viking Age range and are on the Heroic scale side of 28mm being closer to 32mm but lovely all the same.

First up is King Harold himself and he is a wonderfully posed figure with his Dane Axe and cloak, he is very imposing. There is a lot of detail on him with the fur on the cloak and his mail shirt to his leather jerkin under the mail and broach and sword he looks every inch the King he was. I had to go to town on him and gave him a lovely violet cloak with a yellow lining and a fancy cuffs to his tunic fitting someone of his status. I am rather pleased with the whole look and will prove to be a very valuable addition to my Anglo Dane force.

Next up is one of his brothers so lets call this one Gyrth. Again is his wonderfully posed and again looks every inch the hero that he is, I just wished I knew who the sculptor is as he has done a wonderful job on them. Again like Harold is has that typical Anglo Dane Huscarle look with his mail shirt and leather jerkin under it and his great Dane Axe in hand ready to come down on some poor foes head. I have gone for a more nature look with him and too am pleased with the way he has turned out.

Lastly is Harold's other brother Leofwine, who is a again in a wonderful pose with his Huscarle look and his Dane Axe ready for the swing. Again he is full of detail with his mail shirt and leather jerkin under it but also fine detail on the helmet brow and a small cross and chain around his neck. I have gone for a brighter palette for him, with a red tunic with a blue and white cuff and trim detail. I am also pleased with the way he turned out too.

I think this is one of the best sculpted sets that Gripping Beast do and I think something that all Dark Age fans should have and in fact even if you are not a fan of the Dark Ages you should get this set as it is so good and the figures are so nicely posed, I could see them in a fantasy RPG quite easily. It not often that I get carried away prizing figures but these do deserve it and whoever sculpted them, and they have the look of Bill Thornhill about them, they are blooming good.

So every have a good day and a very Merry Christmas from Mrs PK and me.


Friday, 19 December 2014

Ragnar Hairypants and Viking Warlords for Saga/Valhalla

I am coming to the end of my Viking force for a little while, until I start adding more to it, another band of levies and another warrior unit, which will not be long as I have enjoyed doing these so much. So it is now for the Warlords for the Vikings as I have another unit of Levy archers, that I have not painted as yet as I won them from Stefan and they are nice as they are but I want to paint them up in my style to match the rest of my force.

But first up is Ragnar Hairypants or rather Ragnar Lothbrok, he who the TV series Vikings in based on and again this figure is from Gripping Beast. Now he is a lovely figure, a dream to paint and full of detail, with the hide cloak and fur trousers and a very characterful face. I simply love the figure and its pose, it just shouts HERO!. He is also a little larger than the average Gripping Beast figure, them being 28s he is Heroic 28, or 32mm scale, but as he is a hero he should be larger than life.

He is so full of detail and large flat surfaces so you can freehand some extra details to him. I went for a lovely deep blue colour for the tunic and added some fancy trim to base of it and around the neck. I added a golden sand colour for the under tunic and edged this with a blue and white trim. The rest I painted as fur. I really tried to go to town of the animal fur pelt and i am rather happy for the results.

With Ragnar but not in the set, actually Ragnar is a single figure, is his bannerman. Now I wanted to paint him as a more traditional Viking and when for a earthy tone for his Tunic and under tunic. I tried to keep this simple and only added trim to the tunic. I brighten this figure up by panting his trousers a bright blue with red stripes and finished him off with a traditional Viking helmet.

The horn I had fun with and tried to make it look like an animal horn topped with a gold band. I think this came out rather well. I also added a banner from LittleBigMen Studios of a dragon and I think this lifts this figure up and is my forces banner.

My other Warlord is from the plastic Viking hirdmen boxset and is a again a very nice figure. Stand with his raised sword and shield I think is fits the part of leader very well. I have gone for a bright red tunic to make him stand out and fitting of someone of his stand and trimmed it with a bright blue to make it stand out even more. The rest I gone for a more neutral tone to make the bright stand out even farther.

The boxset comes with a wolf pelt and this had to be his and I enjoyed painting this trying to bring out the wonderful details on this. I had to go with the dragon theme that the force has and this is shown on his shield, again a transfer from LittleBigMen Studios.

With him is his personal bodyguard which I had to do as a traditional Viking with a dirty big Dane Axe. I went for a rather natural tone palette on his tunic, but still it is a rich colour and a light colour trim. I wanted that typical Viking look and went for the the typical helmet with face guard and had this guard highlighted in gold. I rather like the look and might add some more figures like this to my force.

Have a great day,


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Viking Berserkers for Saga/Valhalla

As the title states here is the next unit for my Viking force and this time its another unit of elite hearthguard troops upgraded to berserkers. Now again these are from the plastic boxset of Viking Hirdmen from Gripping Beast and I think it shows the versatility of this boxset in the way you can create most of the unit types for Saga with it.

I have sort of gone for a unit of armed warriors with dual weapons, mainly as I like the look and partly to me they scream VIKINGS!!!!. I have done these in this way so that I can use them of normal hearthguard or berserkers, depending on my mood, which I guest means that I will be playing them of berserkers most of the time but it does give me the option of having a large unit of eight strong heathguard to chop its way across the battlefield.

What I love about the plastic boxsets from Gripping Beast is the extras that come with it and the way you can customise the figures to make them all different. With these it was a simple chop the hands off and put on a new weapon and being plastic it only takes a couple of seconds, the hardest part is getting the hand is a natural position.

I have gone for the bright colour palette of these as these are the elite warriors and should and would of the very best in the of clothing, weapons and armour. Actually what I from found the colours of dyes seemed to be much brighter but I didn't want them to bright as it would notof looked right and artificial.

I have added shield to their backs, mainly as I see these as the first into battle and being raiders, their would be heavily armed and the shield is a must. Also as I simply like the look of warriors with their shield strapped across their backs and again its that typical Viking look. The transfers are from LittleBigMan Studios, of course, I am not trying to paint those designs.

Thats it for today but before I go I noticed the dust of these figures and I wish I had noticed before taking them, the new camera does wonders in the picture taking part with the detail and now I realised I will have to gently wipe clean the next lot.

Have a nice day folks


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