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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Anglo-Danes Axe of Men

This is the last unit for the Anglo Danes/Saxon force that I have and these are my hard hitting, wall breakers, the Huscarle armed with Dane Axes. These are the stock troops of my warband and rather fitting that I have used the Saxon Thegn boxset by Gripping Beast and also taken the Axes and some of the arms from the Viking boxset.

I am using these as my super elites and as such I have gone to town on them trying to make then stand out as the rich elite warriors that they are. I have gone for a slightly brighter palette on these and bright trim too but I have also gone for the most decorative helmets in the boxset and painted them with a lot of gold and bright metal.

I have enjoyed assembling them and have tried to give them that flair that you would expect from elite warriors. It is quite amazing how the Saxon and Viking boxset work so well together and how you can mix and match between them. This does give them that little different look but all in all it is well worth the effect.

As heathguard I have given them a shield strapped to there back as I believe they would still carried their shields into battle and I have again used Little Big Men Studios transfers for the shield pattern. I have gone for the most striking ones and I think that they do work well together.

Now thats all the units painted and completed for the Anglo Danes/Saxons and the Warlord from to be completed and it is them who will be next to do. Once these are completed then I am going to add another unit of Warriors and Levies to my force and then these will be totally finished but thats for the future to do.

Have a great day.


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Still on a Raga Tip, or Rather a Saga Tip

Yes indeed I am carrying on with the same theme of the last couple of posts about my Anglo Dane Saga force and this time it is the time of the Elite units my Huscarles. Now this is the fighting elite of Anglo Saxon/Dame society where the best and latest armour and weaponry. I have armed these chaps with hand weapons and once again these are from Gripping Beast's Saxon Thegn boxset.

This just goes to show how versatile the boxset is as you can use this for both the Huscarle and Warriors alike with very little changes if any to be made, I have simply armed my warriors with spears and my Huscarle with swords and axes.

Again I have gone for that darken palette with a bright colour for the trim around the sleeves and at the bottom of the tunic. Coupled with the helmets having a bit of gold trimwork to them I think this makes these warriors look like they are a cut above the rest.

Again I have used Little Big Men Studios transfers for the shields and they work really well and so look the part being nice and crisp and getting my detail in than I could with just painting them myself.

I have enjoyed painting these chap up and I feel that I am getting into the Dark Ages vibe now and just getting into the swing of things. I have at the same time found this quite a challenge as it as been really hard to keep a uniformed look to them and actually I have given up on that and opted for the shield to bring them all in together.

Now I am nearing the end on my another unit and warlord to do to finish then the Anglo Dane/Saxon force with be finished. I say finished I mean until I add a couple of more uniforms to them in the future. I have enjoyed painting these and will be visiting back to them shortly in the future.

So have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Saxon Levys for Saga/Valhalla

Next up are my Saxon Levies for my Saga/Valhalla game and these chaps are from another plastic boxset from Gripping Beast, this time from the Dark Age Warriors box. Again the boxset is priced at £22.00 but you only get forty figures this time, and that is still stupidly cheap for forty Dark Age warriors. In this box set you lots of weapon choices in fact you have enough to arm them all with spears and shield or have thirty two slingers or sixteen armed with javelins as well as swords and hand axes. They are quite generic so there well fit in most Dark Age forces and being hard plastic there can be converted very easily.

Now please bear with me with the photos as I have just got a new camera and I am still learning how to use the bloody thing. But as you can see I have assembled twelve of them for as I have said to be used as my levies for my Saxon force. I have to say I have cheated a wee bit with these as I have included a mix of weapons so I can use them as normal warriors or as javelinmen or slingers depending on the force I want to play.

Like the Saxon Thegn boxset I have no idea who has sculpted them but there are very nice and you could mix of match, especially the heads for the other boxsets, just to add a little more interest and give the unit the odd helmet or two, as I have.

Now I have enjoyed painting these chaps as I have had less in the way of armour, well mail shirts, to paint and more in the way of clothing. I have actually gone for a more natural colour scheme with the odd bright colour to accent them, especially around the cuffs and trim around the neck and on the bottom of the tunics. But it is still amazing just how bright these natural dyes can be.

The shield again from Little Big Men Studios, the Dark Age set especially designed for this boxset, add more colour to the figures and I think them really set them off.

Overall these were a dream to paint and a fun unit to build and I am happy with the whole result. I think that I will be adding more of these figures to my Saxon force in the future when I next build some more of them.

So thats it for the time being but more units for my Saxon force will be up here soon, once I have got around to photographing them. So have a great day.

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