Saturday, 27 November 2010

Reinforcements Have Arrived

Yesterday when I arrived home from a hard days work sitting in front of a computer I had two parcels waiting for me. The one was from Orkdung, which contained a Paul Hick's sculpted figure of his old man. Its bloody nice too and the money I paid for it or going to help with the funeral costs. I'm going to be painting him up as Levy MP for Loughbough, Lord Lieutenant of Leicester, banker and owner of Humberstone Hall and thus commander of the Humberstone Militia. Here's a photo of the old gentleman.

Now if that was not enough I also was very surprised to find my order, which I order on Tuesday late evening, from Musketeer, the boys at Gripping Beast are so good.. Again Paul Hicks sculpts, as are most of my stuff for VBCW, I got the standard bearers, lovely figures, the Workers Militia Vickers, again very nice and both packs of the brigands. This pack has some lovely characters and I am planning on using them for farm hands. Here are some photos of them.

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