Monday, 21 March 2011

Royal Navy Gunner

Well here he is finished, a Royal Navy Gunner complete with some form of body armour. I rather like him and think he is rather VBCW. So here he is. Next project is a cover for Solways new rules Brigadier38, more on that soon.


  1. Lovely! You're giving me ideas here, and Gripping Beast do seperate sailor heads.


  2. I am glad that I am giving you ideas, what are you planning to use for the bodies?

  3. I've been looking about for armoured bodies but I haven't decided on a purpose for them (assault infantry or extra armour for manning the decks of an armed canal barge):

    Artizan do 3 assault troopers like this one (I could maybe mix and match with helmets and sailor caps):

    These would make a good crew (if I removed the clipboard, heads and anything else that's a bit sci-fi):

    Also these (maybe with arm swops from Warlord's plastic british):


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