Monday, 27 June 2011

The Clarion Cycle Club

As I said here a bit on the Clarion Cycle club.

The Clarion Cycling Club was founded in February 1894 by six young cyclists who were members of the Bond Street Labour Church in Birmingham. Their aim was to ‘combine the pleasures of cycling with the propaganda of Socialism’. The next twelve months saw similar Cycling Clubs being formed by readers of The Clarion newspaper in many other industrial towns. The first Easter Meet of Clarion Cycling Clubs held in Ashbourne (1895) led to the formation of the National Clarion Cycling Club. The object was to be ‘the association of the various Clarion Cycling Clubs for the purpose of Socialist propaganda and for promoting inter-club runs between the clubs of different towns’.

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  1. Great drawing,

    for info

    Clarion Choirs and Rambling clubbs still going

    Sylvia Pankhurst among otherswere Clarionettes


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