Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Commissar is Here

I have finished the Commissar and I have to say I think he is very nice. So stayed away from the usual stars and hammers emblem and went with the clenched fist. Actually there is lots of historical precedence for the clenched fist as a sign of british socialism. So here is the finished Commissar for you all. Just five move to finish the book.

People Assault Column Commissar 1938


  1. Love the clenched fist, and the highlights on the commissar's jacket.

  2. fantastic work Pete; It's the little details I love, like the clenched fist on the megaphone.

  3. Chaps I am happy that you enjoyed and liked the picture. I was wondering if anyone would puck the fist up on the megaphone.

  4. really really works for me :)


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