Sunday, 30 October 2011

Weasels from Mutton Chop

Taking a couples days off from painting I have done some more to my VBCW force. This time I have finished the Weasels from Mutton Chop Miniatures and as you have no doubt guested they are based on Wind in the Willows, see early posts for Toadie, Ratey, Badger and Moley. Now all I need is Mr Hicks to produce some commanders and other support elements. They are a joy to paint and here they are.

Weasle Section

Rifle Team

Support Team


  1. I do love these characters, great work too.

  2. They are AWFULLY common types, those weasels! ;-)

    Lovely work! I especially love the patterns on the cloth caps.

  3. Weasily your best weasily fellows so far- look fantastic sir!

  4. Thanks chaps, I really enjoyed painting them. Also I got a second lamp for when I take photos and it really makes a differences.


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