Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Somerset Freedom Fighters First Field Agent

Yes he is his, the first of three SFF field agents with this one being form the start of the conflict with the government and BUF forces. As I have stated before this fellow is based or rather he has modelled himself on the Republican Spanish Civil War fighter fighting Franco and can see parallels here in Blighty and dress accordingly. Personally I think its a fashion thing. He is armed with a Colt M1911 pistol and a ERMA EMP35 sub machine gun.

Somerset Freedom Fighter, Early 1938

You Dirty Rat

Well maybe not but here the latest stage that Freedom Fighter is at. He is rapidly becoming one of my favourites and I am very happy with the leather look on the jacket.

SFF swinging pistol around. 1938

Somerset Freedom Fighters Start

Here is the actually start to the SFF troops. This chap is heavily influenced by the Spanish Civil War and also mobster movies too. Hopefully this will come out and show up as the painting evolves.

SFF Field Soldier

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Relaying Tales of Daring Do.

Yes he is the finished version of the intelligence officer retelling or reliving tales of past glories. I am rather happy with him as he has come out rather well. Next a SFF fighter.

Dick at the Bar retelling of his Adventures in 1938

Monday, 28 November 2011

So this is Intelligence Gathering then?

Here is the latest stage of Dick at the Bar, that is so wrong to write on so many different levels. I am going for the late 60s early 70s look and I think I have managed to capture it.

Intelligence Gathering Operation

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Painting the Old Man

Well I have started on the older version of Dick, the one who is relaying his tales and I am pleased so it so far. The tie still requires some work on and then the suit, possible in tweed, as was the style in the 60s, 70s or sports jacket and trousers. I'll have to think about that one. Here he is.

Dick enjoying a tale and a drink

A Somerset Freedom Fighter

Here is the first of three SFF field operatives or fighter to you and me. He is going to be wearing a black leather jacket over cord trousers and black boots, giving him as Spanish Civil War look, need to look the part. Couldn't decide on fag in the mouth or not. So here the chap it.

Somerset Freedom Fighter, 1938

Friday, 25 November 2011

A Return to the SFF

Yes I have returned to the illustrations of the Somerset Freedom Fighters' book with a picture of the main man retelling its tells in a local. It is actually based on a relation of the writer I think. So here is the sketch.

Ex Intelligence Officer retells his past

Monday, 21 November 2011

We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Yes the picture for me Xmas Card is finished and now its the card part of actually made the blooming things, lol. Those local volunteers sing is enough to scare any would be attacker.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Is Coming

Or so the Coca Cola ad tells us. I have started to think of cards to do for myself and keeping with the 1938 VBCW theme I have come up with this little idea. Its about half way done now and hopefully should have the rest done by tomorrow, I love setting unrealistic deadlines for myself, lol. Here it is so far.

A 1938 VBCW Xmas

Albion Orc Officer

Well I have finished the chap and just a few things to do before sending it off to Orcs in the Webbe. I am rather pleased with the way he has turned out and I think I have got the image of soberly and daring do about him.

Orc Line Officer

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General

Well not quite but he, I think its a he, not going to ask him though, lol, is coming along. I am loving the change to do something different and I have a real soft spot for Flintloque so here it is.

Vary Model of a Model Major General

Friday, 18 November 2011

Orc Officer

Well having done the Ferach Officer I thought that the next thing to do is an Orc from Albion. He is modelled on a very specific character and I think I have captured him. I cant wait to have him finished.

Orc Officer

Thursday, 17 November 2011

One year Old Today

Oh my gosh, my blog has made its first birthday and I am still hapy posting away, not sure what that says about me. Well I have had a great time over the last year with this and look forward to next, this year and producing some more interesting pieces of work for you all to enjoy. Thanks for all your support for the last year.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ferach Naval Captain

Turning my time over to a different type of project here is the first of three illustrations for Flintloque. This is a black powder fantasy game from Alternative Armies which is based, very loosely on Sharpe and is great fun. Well this elf is a naval officer for the Ferach navy.

Ferach Naval Officer for Flintloque

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Come Comrads to Battle

First another is completed and this is the socialist chap that I have been working on. I went for a simple check and wish I had thought about the herringbone. That means that one project is completed and still two to go, which is no moan. So onwards and upwards.

Peoples Defence Militia, Nottingham, 1938

The Left is Rising

Here is the latest stage the socialist militiaman is at. As you can see the majority of the illustration has been completed and now its the details like the webbing, rifle and his cap. Question is to tweed the cap is not?

Socialist Militiaman, 1938

At Last The Socialists

Here is the last one form Simon at Solway for his next book, the condensed versions of the Sourcebooks. This chap is a member of the worker defence militia from a mine or factory. No real webbing or uniform, just a rifle and a bayonet, guess that the real look of a militia anyway.

Remembrance Sunday

Green Fields of France

The Finished Yeomanry

I remember who they are and its the Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry in there 1911 Coronation Uniform. Again its a picture for VBCW but its for myself. It has been discussed between Simon at Solway and myself about Yeomanry reverting to the full dress uniforms and bringing colour to the battlefield and here is what what a yeomanry trooper would look like.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Yeomanry Cavalry

Here is the latest stage the Yeomanry is at. As you can see I have finished the horse and am very please with it. I have enjoyed painting horses maybe I am the next Stubbs, lol. Well here he is.

Yeomanry Cavalry

A Small Project For Me :)

Having taken so time off from paint, playing the computerised version of Bloodbowl, I have started on this project for me. He is a British Yeomanryman from the 1911 Coronation and it has been fun researching and painting this so far. The uniform is actually correct but the name of the regiment escapes me at the moment.

British Yeomanry, 1911

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Soldier (War Sonnets No. 5)

If I should die, think only this of me:

That there's some corner of a foreign field

That is for ever England. There shall be

In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;

A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,

Gave, once her flowers to love, her ways to roam,

A body of England's, breathing English air,

Washed by the rivers, blessed by the suns of home.

And think, this heart, all evil shed away,

A pulse in the eternal mind, no less

Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;

Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;

And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,

In hearts a peace, under an English heaven.

Rupert Brooke (1887-1915)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Poor Bloody Infantry

Here is the third fellow for the sourcebook this time a Poor Bloody Infantrymen from the Army of the Severn. He is a regular from the Warwickshire Regiment and he is wear the very latest Battledress coupled with Pattern ’37 webbing as fit someone who main role is to defend the Royal Household and estates. 

Warwickshire Regiment,
Madresfield, 1938

Madresfield Guard is Coming Along

Well here is the latest stage the British Infantry, Army of the Severn, is at. As you can see he is nearly finished with just the rifle, boots and insignias to do. It has been a change and a challenge to do something that is historical actual within a alternative historical background. So far I am pleased with him and should have him finished shortly.

Royalist Infantry, 1938

Army of the Severn

Its a new day and here is a new illustration that I have started. This chappy is from the Army of the Severn which guards King Edward VIII. Here he is in the very latest equipment for 1938, with the new Battledress and Pattern '37 Webbing. Only the latest and best for the King's Boys.

British Infantry, Worcester, 1938

Somerset Freedom Fighters' Field Agent

I have completed and finished the Lady Agent for the Somerset Freedom Fighters. She is working in Bristol for the BUF, there is a small pin on her blouse for identification. As she is working within the city she is wearing a rather smart urban dress of a patterned blouse, high waisted, wide legged slacks and a matching Pillbox hat.  She has a hidden camera in your handbag with the lens showing, but this is usual covered. Also for personal protection she is carrying a Astra Mod 400 pistol.

Somerset Freedom Fighters, Field Agent,
British, BUF Office, 1938

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Now the Young lady is Coming Along

Well as you can see that most of the young lady has been finished, just shoes handbag and gun to go. I have have a very enjoyable time painting her as I usually make my ladies well not to a too finer point on it butch. Well I think she's not butch.

SFF Field Agent, 1938

Somerset Freedom Fighters' Lovelier Side

I have started the Lady agent for the Somerset Freedom Fighters. I have to admit I was rather scared that would balls up her make up but I think I have managed to get it right. I am not an expert when it comes to make up strangely.

SFF Field Agent

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

British Union of Fascists Legion, London Brigade

Well he is the finished chap, bounder more like, lol. He is a member of the London Brigade of the BUF Legions nicknamed "Mosley's Guard" by all sides. He is the latest equipment and uniform with gaiters instead of jackboot, mainly due to cost. This legionnaire as his rank showing on his left sleeve above the armband and shows him to be a Unit Leader, like a Corporal in the British Army. Well here he is.

BUF Legionnaire, London Brigade
"Mosley's Guard", 1938

In the BUF

Here is the latest stage the poor fellow is at. I am not too far from completing it but I think you can see what I am after and I am very happy with the result so far.

London Brigade, BUF, 1938

One of Mosley's Boys

Here is the start of the BUF Legionnaire. I have based the uniform partly on the Italian uniform, partly on the Action Press uniform of BUF and partly on the British Infantry uniform.I have gone for grey as to black as it is closer to Italian uniform colour and away from the Nazi stormtroopers. I think that it still has the oppressive look of the far right party.

BUF Legionnaire, London Division, 1938

SFF Lady Agent

Here is the next sketch for the SFF. This is, if you cant guess, the Lady Agent and I have gone a little James Bond with her. Basically I have opening in her bag for her to take photos secretly and I have given her a Astra Mod 400 as I think this pistol looks like a ladies gun.

Lady Agent, Somerset, 1938

Monday, 7 November 2011

Over 10000 Views

Can I please say a big thanks to everyone who has viewed this blog within the last year. When I first started this blog on 17th November 2010 I never thought that I would get more than a couple of hundred views and a select few visiting it every so often. Well that has well and truly been blown out of the water and with my blog coming up to its first birthday, 10000 views. Once again a big thanks from me, PanzerKaput.

British Yeomanry Cavalry

Well here is another sketch I have done by this time this is just for me. Its a British Yeomanry Cavalrymen for 1914 and I am happy for the horse and rider. Looking forward to painting him.

British Yeomanry, 1914

Saturday, 5 November 2011

2nd Canterbury Militia, Anglican League

Here is the finished with his slightly undersized helmet and correct armband for the Anglican League. I like him as he is obviously not a professional soldier and just an average fellow who is fighting for his land, family and friends rather than a cause.

Anglican League Militiaman
2nd Canterbury Militia, 1938

Jam and William Blake

Here is the latest stage the Canterbury Militiaman is at. So far I am very happy with the painting and I should have him finished shortly. Most remember the correct armband this time.

Anglican League Militiaman, 1938

A Return to the Anglican League

This is the start of the other project this time for Solway doing a couple of peices for the major factions in VBCW. So a return to the first book and the Anglican League for me. This chap is from the Canterbury front and comes from the Canterbury Militia itself. Armed with a "French" Adrian Helmet and Berthier rifle, a blue British army jacket, as worn all the Anglican League and civie cords. So far so good, lets see if I can get the armband correct this time, lol.

Anglican League Militia, Canterbury, 1938

Friday, 4 November 2011

Escape from New York

Here is Snake from the said film which I have recently painted. This is from Hasslefree and is to Kev White's very high standards.

Snake from Escape from New York

VBCW Vehiles

I have managed to get around to painting some of the vehicles I have. These two named Evelyn and Fred are from 6milPhil and are really very good. Just got one more to paint up now.

This is from my local Police force.

This has a home made pipe/mortar to add some firepower.

Somerset Freedom Fighters' Intelligence Officer

Here is the SFF Intelligence officer in his full glory. I am rather please with him and decided against the Prince of Wales check for two reasons, one; I could not image someone fighting the King's forces to wear his favour check and two; its a pain to do, lol.

Dick Skeggs, Somerset, 1938

SFF Operative

Well I have started the SFF operative and given him a bit of old school, "Smilleys' People" look to him. We will have to see if I have managed to capture that look when I have finished. Now to turn the trousers into Prince of Wales check or not.

SFF Operative, Somerset, 1938

Thursday, 3 November 2011

New Socialist Sketch

Here is another sketch this time of a socialist chap coming out to join the fight. I rather like the pose on this one.

People Assault Column Member, 1938

Another New Sketch

I have gone for a well equipped regular infantry soldier that can be found in the Army of the Severn. I have given him all the very latest arms, equipment and uniform as fits one of the infantry battalions guarding the Kings person. I am rather happy with this chap.

Warwickshire Regiment, Madresfield, 1938

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Another Sketch while Waiting.

I have started a new sketch while I was waiting for the go ahead and this time its the BUF. I think I have the uniform for them done more to what I envisioned it to be and I am trying to get away from Mr Hicks image and go for a more truer image. I have followed on from what I have done before with them and also tried it back to Cirencester's Alarm Company uniform to. I have gone for the "Italian style" jacket and baggy trousers, but have included the Action Press style high shirt into it. I have moved away from the high jackboots to replacing them with either leggings or leather gaiters, gaiters is what I have drawn. I have given him the "chip bag" cap and a bordie helmet on the back and also 1914 leather webbing, just think leather webbing looks more evil if you know what I mean. I am going with the grey uniform, jacket a darker grey than the trouser I think, black shirt, black webbing, boot and gaiters. The piping not sure yet but might be yellow, mainly as I have done blue for the Severn, red for Manchester, so yellow or purple for London. 

BUF Legionaire, London, 1938

Start of Project Two

Just in case you are thinking that, "This boy has not done anything recently well like a bus here comes another sketch on a second project that I have started. This time its for Simon at Solway to use in the new compilation of the source books into the one. This sketch is a Anglican League Foot Soldier in typical Canterbury League uniform with a mixture of military and civie clothing.

Anglican League Infantry, Canterbury, 1938

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Start of a New Project 1

Well I have a couple of days off and I thought that I better make a start on a couple of projects I have got. This is the first one and its illustrating a book on the Somerset Freedom Fighters. I have started with the main chap involved going by the name of Dick Skeggs, in his younger days. Have a look at my good friend's blog, Morts 1938 Scrapbook for more details on him and the SFF.

Next I have a illustration for Flintloque to do, a Christmas surprise and a couple of illustrations for Solway too. Busy time ahead for me.

Young Dick Skeggs, Intelligence Officer for the SFF
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