Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Start of a New Project 1

Well I have a couple of days off and I thought that I better make a start on a couple of projects I have got. This is the first one and its illustrating a book on the Somerset Freedom Fighters. I have started with the main chap involved going by the name of Dick Skeggs, in his younger days. Have a look at my good friend's blog, Morts 1938 Scrapbook for more details on him and the SFF.

Next I have a illustration for Flintloque to do, a Christmas surprise and a couple of illustrations for Solway too. Busy time ahead for me.

Young Dick Skeggs, Intelligence Officer for the SFF


  1. That's already looking like the best thing that you've done since the cyclist!

  2. Another fantastic start, looking forward to seeing it develop.

  3. Great start!! But do I detect any tartan?

  4. Thanks fella and no Blooming Tartan this time.I am rather pleased with the pose and love the way he is offering the fags with one hand and pulling a pistol out with the other. Just waiting for feedback to start painting it.


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