Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another Sketch is Done

Yes while waiting for a reply another if any changes are required I have done another sketch. This time its the Royalist Catholic forces and they are based on the Carlist during the Spanish Civil War. I like the large cross on the right sleeve which is taken from Newcastle's Regiments in the English Civil War and I thinking of doing the jacket is a light straw or grey colour.

Royalist Catholic Regiment, Somerset, 1938


  1. Excellent drawing sir- I look forward to the painted version...

  2. Very nice, I was going to say he looks very Spanish with that hat, but then I read the writing, so I won't!

  3. Love the look of this one, the cross makes it very clear where his allegiances lie!

  4. I find it a little funny that just a couple of things make what is a paramilitary uniform into something quite fantasy


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