Wednesday, 28 December 2011

BUF Auxiliary

Well Xmas is over and the deadline for the book is drawing near and I still have five illustrations outstanding and a little over five weeks to get them done by, oops, lol. So without a further do I have finished the first of the sketches for these a British Union of Fascists Auxiliary. Mort, his blog is here, the fellow who has written the Somerset Freedom Fighters book for Solway, stated that he wanted a Black and Tan look to him and I have tried to capture that. I have given him the standard BUF uniform and to make him more Black and Tan and less regular BUF Legions I went for the Tam O'Shanty and the cross bandoliers. So here is a picture of the chap.

BUF Auxiliary, 1938


  1. Christmas break didn't last long for you old chap, straight back to work! Looking good so far.

  2. No rest for the wicked or civil servents come to think of it, back to the real job tomorrow too, bummer.


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