Thursday, 1 December 2011

The final sketch of the Somerset Freedom Fighters

Yes indeed the final sketch of the trio and this one is from later in the war where they have picked up some military equipment and are more like a professional body of troops. So here he is in a tin hat, a warm leather jerkin and a Polish copy of the BAR.

SFF Late War, 1938


  1. Is it me? or does he look at little like Mr Churchill?

  2. I never noticed that, he does a little.

  3. Oh Ray! Now that's all I can see too. Wonderful pose though!

  4. Surely if it were Winnie, he'd have a topper and a tommy-gun?

    I thought he looks more like Alexei Sayle: "'Ere! Didn't you kill my bruvver?" (Or being Somerset "Ooo-ar!" instead of "'Ere" :-D)


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