Saturday, 22 December 2012

Humberstone Militia, Garden Suburb Section

Here is the next in the Humberstone Militia series and its the Garden Suburb Section. A wonderfully cute name for the section but it is based upon the area of housing built for workers of a local shoe factory. The Humberstone Garden Suburb is notable because it is the only time that a UK workers cooperative created a housing cooperative and built a housing estate for its members. The Anchor Tenants housing Association was formed in 1887 by the workers cooperative of the Anchor Boot and Shoe Co-operative Society which was a co-operatively run boot and shoe works in Asforby Street, Leicestershire. The members of the cooperative contributed a percentage of their wages and bought a block of land just outside Leicester by the village of Humberstone, and they built 97 houses. The first houses were in use by 1908 and the Anchor employees were let houses by the association at a rent that was collected to cover the upkeep of the properties.

The section is armed mainly with .303 SMLE rifles with the Shop Steward armed with a Begmann MP28 smg and the support for the section in the form of a Soviet made Degtyaryov DP28 lmg. The section carried a flag into battle as left leanings socialists politics and are considered the best motivated troops in the Militia, being used as the mainstay of any attacks.

Humberstone Militia, Garden Suburb Section

Humberstone Militia, Garden Suburb Section

Humberstone Militia, Garden Suburb Section Standard

Thursday, 20 December 2012

New Books from Solway

Sorry for the blatant advert

Solway have just released two new books in the popular 1938 VBCW series.

The first is a new flag book covering the Royalist and reactionary forces, with superb artwork from Pete Barfield (the flags are also available from Solway at 28mm on cotton or paper).

The second book covers the developing story north of the border. The Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic covers the internal Scottish factions, including Army of the Scottish Republic, League of St Andrew, Shetland, The Lord of the Isles, The Red Clydesiders, and King Robert IV's Jacobites! Again, plenty of color, including plates by Pete Barfield.

Both volumes are available now at £8 GBP each, plus postage.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Humberstone Militia, Farm Workers Section

Here is the next of the Humberstone Militia series and it is the Farm Workers Section. This section is made up of the men who work the lands at Manor Farm and Nether Hall farm as well as general labourers from the village, mainly to do with working on Humberstone Hall's land.

The section is armed with a mix of rifles and equipment with the Sergeant armed with a Tommy Gun and the officer with a Broom Handled Mauser. The Section support is in the way of a Lewis Gun. Note that this section carries no flag as it is made up of the lower unskilled workers and according the the local Lord at Humberstone Hall "Don't need a flag as they will only throw it away", the class system in practice. They are the greenish of all the troops in the Militia mainly as no one will give them any time to train them.

Humberstone Militia, Farm Workers Section

Humberstone Militia, Farm Workers Section

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Humberstone Militia, The Village Section

The next in the Humberstone Militia series is the The Village Section. Now this section is made up from professions and shopkeepers from the village itself. The section has a number of ex service personnel in,is actually led by a Great War Veteran,  as well as untrained volunteers. This section is considered to be the backbone of the militia.

The section is armed along standard military thinking with most carrying a SMLE Rifle but the 2IC carries a shotgun for that extra help and the officer is armed with a pistol. The section support comes in the form of a Lewis LMG and the standard bearer has a C96 "Broom Handled" Mauser. The flag is that the Union Flag with devices emblazoned on for the city and the village.

Humberstone Militia, The Village Section,
Humberstone Militia, The Village Section
Humberstone Militia, The Village Section Colours

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Humberstone Militia, St Mary's Section

This is next section of the Humberstone Militia for my VBCW force and its the St Mary's Section. This section is made up for the Clergy and Church Officers of St Mary's Parish.

These chaps are armed with a assortment of rifles, shotguns and pistol and have no support weapons save for the support of God himself and a MP28 Bergmann SMG. The flag carried for the Church flag.

Humberstone Militia, St Mary's Section, 1938

Humberstone Militia, St Mary's Section, 1938

Humberstone Militia, St Mary's Section Flag, 1938

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Humberstone Militia, Nether Hall and Farm & Manor Farm Section

I thought that I would get around to actually photographing my troops as a way of cataloguing them as I never really got around to photographing the individual units of the troops. I am planning on having a unit or two a week photographed and also this should help is remember what unit is what.

So first up is from my Humberstone Militia and it is the Nether Hall and Farm & Manor Farm Section.

These are the two manor farms in the area and its the owns for the Nether Hall and the Farm Managers who make up this section. Mainly armed with Shotguns except for his Lordship who has a Tommy gun and is Butler with the units fire power is the way of a Lewis Gun.

Humberstone Militia, Nether Hall and Farm & Manor Farm Section, 1938

Humberstone Militia, Nether Hall and Farm & Manor Farm Section, 1938

Monday, 10 December 2012

OMG I Have Been Painting

Yes indeed since finishing the book I have taken a little time off and been painting so figures, shock, horror, me actually painting so figures. The first figure I painted is from Crooked Dice and is one of there villains named The Guru from there 7Tv game, great game by the way. This is a wonderful little 28mm sculpt which is a little slighter than my normal figures but it as a lovely sculpt none the less. It come with three different heads for you to choose from and I went for the Ming the Merciless style head and actually painted him as well him. I think the model well suits that style of painting.

The second model I have not a clue where it is from, I had it laying around for years and I think its a old Grenadier model but I really don't know. I have gone for the Mad Scientist look with him with his white suit and the only real colour being the liquid in the test tube and beaker. I am rather chuffed with the way he has turned out, in fact both of them.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Flags and Figures

I recently have done so flags for a friend of mine for his Somerset Freedom Fighters and North Somerset Yeomanry and he has sent me through a couple of pictures of them. I have to say that the standard of his painting is second to none and my flags have only added, so might say, devalued, his great figures. So here are the photos and the flags.

Firstly are the Somerset Freedom Fighters standard bearer. The figure is from Musketeer Miniatures' VBCW Militia Standard Bearers and it is beautiful painted by the chap. I have to say that it looks damn good with the flag and all.

Secondly are the North Somerset Yeomanry and again they are wonderfully painted. Again these figures are from Musketeers Miniatures and again from Bill's VBCW range, this time they are actually billed as BUF Mounted Infantry, but can be used for other factions too.

If interest the chap who painted them offers a painting service here

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Scottish Book, a Flag Book and a Year Book

The books that I have illustrated and created flags for are on pre order at Solway now priced at £8.00 each plus postage and package. I know this is a shameless plug but I have to say I think that the Armies and Enemies of the Scottish republic contain some of my best work to date and I have really enjoyed illustrating it. Here is the cover for the book and the book itself contains details of the Scottish Republic, the Covenant, the League of St Andrews, the Red Clydesiders and  other Socialists forces, the Jacobites and more.

Also coming out and on pre order is The Factions, Flags and Formations Part 1, the Royalists and Reactionaries. Containing over 60 flags designed and created by me, this book includes details of the formations of King Edward VIII's forces of both the Army of the Severn and the Army of the North but also the British Union of Fascists flags and Legions.

Si at Solway has also done a year book of the figures that he has painted which looks at a very interesting book. This includes a number of differing periods including VBCW and the vehicles that he has converted and painted.

All these book now on pre order now and should be available from 20th December.

Also Only one day left to the raffle draw for the raffle to be drawn and have a chance of a figure sculpted by Paul Hicks, as header above. Cash prize is expected to be £2000! Still time to get involved:)

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Last of the Scottish

Here is the last of the Scottish illustrations for the Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic for Solway  Here chap is a fella by the name of George Barr Ghillie  who is a leading light in the Scottish British Union of Fascists. He formed the League of Officers when the Republic was formed and he was been fighting there, with various degrees of success ever since. He is dressed rather unfavourable for the  Scottish weather, but is a bit of a health, fitness fanatic and love the feel of shorts. So here is the chap.

Barr Gillie, 1938

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Introducing Prinz Ruprecht

Here is the next in the leaders of Scotland series for the Armies and Enemies of Scotland for Si at Solway and it is Prinz Reprecht. Prinz Ruprecht is a member of the German aristocracy and was only to glad for the opportunity to leave the increasingly difficult situation in Heer Hitler's Reich for an adventure overseas. He brought with him a small force of Great war comrades and a few mercenaries, a small army forming in the highlands raising the clans and preparing for a confrontation for the Republic. Enter the Jacobites. Prinz Reprecht is wearing a German style Hussar uniform but of no known regiment. Instead he has chosen colours of Scotland and the Royals, blue and purple. He wears a Tam O Shanty with pheasant feathers in it and a red sash of a Royal Prince. Here he is.

Prinz Ruprecht, Jacobite Leader, 1938

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Introducing the Admiral Douglas Buccleah

Yes here is the first of the personalities of the Very British Civil War in Scotland and it is Admiral Douglas-Buccleah. He is a veteran of Jutland  and the naval war in the Great War and has come to the aid of the Scottish Republic, leading forces and organising defences. He is wearing the full dress naval uniform of the time with a wonderfully ornate sword. He has dropped the wearing of the Admiral's cocked hat in favour of the tin helmet. Si here he is.

Admiral Douglas-Buccleah,
Commander of Scottish Republic

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Last Covenanter

Here is the last of the Covenanters and this chap is wearing the traditional Scottish Highland infantry uniform. Again he has the Hodden Grey jacket and blue Tam of the Covenanters but he is wear a kilt of the Covenanter tartan pattern. He has Pattern 14 leather webbing and I think this this has worked out way and I rather like the look. Next up are the leaders of the Scottish Republic. So here is the chap.

Scottish Covenanter, 1938

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Mov is Back

For the past 25 days or so or more correctly for the month of Movember I have, along with tens of thousands of other chaps across the world for been growing a Mov in an effort to bring awareness to men's health issues. In fact this year about dozen or more fellas in the office have all bring growing these arranging from the neat upper lip affairs to the styles that have been based on 70s porn film styles, from gingos to streampunk. Well it has been fun and there is even an competition, well it is chaps and what do you except, so lots of personally grooming is the order of the day. Well here is my effort and I am hoping for a prize as the most Victorian looking, lol. So to all you chaps out there who are growing a Mov well done and to the chaps who have gone to the doctors recently a bigger well done.

Scary isnt it?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Prinz Rupprecht Volunteers

This is the next in the series and he is one of the Covenanter's German Volunteers that has come over with Prinz Rupprecht. Their will be more on the German Prince in another post but this chap came over will him as one of his loyal supporters and joined with the forces of the Covenant. Operating mainly in the highlands and islands of the north of Scotland, this chap wears the uniform of the German Army from the Great War. These volunteers are not supports of the current leadership in German and have come to the UK to fight the BUF and the Edwardites here so they dont get a foothold here.So here is the chap.

Covenant's German Volunteers, 1938

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

One Finished Covenanter

Here is the first of the finished Covenanters for you. This chap, as stated before, is wearing a uniform influenced by the standard British uniform of the day, the Service Dress, but where the earthy, khaki colours are the order of the day for the standard British infantryman here the colours have somewhat changed. Looking back to a time when the Covenanters held influence and power in Scotland, the time of the English Civl War, here they are revived the colours of old and updated it for the modern day. So the Hodden Grey of the  old Covenanters have been reborn in his jacket with a slate grey used for the trousers. In keeping for the Covenanters his Tam O Shaner is in the traditional blue colour with a ECW Covenanter flag being used as a flag and his webbing is the standard Pattern 08 Webbing, armed with an SMLE rifle. His armband reads "One Religion, One God". I hope you like him.

Scottish Covenanter, 1938

50000 hits, Second Year Anniversary and Stuff

Blow me after the last couple of days what with being awarded the Liebster Blog Award, my birthday and what not, I forgot that my blog has reached its second year anniversary, something that I never thought I would reach and something that I am very happy to reach. Not only that I also reached another milestone too and that is hitting the 50000 view mark. So to all of you out in the bloggisphere and especially to the chaps and chapettes who follow and visit this blog, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

I started this as somewhere to show my painted figures and works in progress for the books I have been illustrating and I have to say that I have totally enjoyed the experience.  Not only that I have enjoyed many other blogs that I in truth would of never got around to reading. There are so many intelligence, funny and character individuals with their blogs that are a delight to read and these have propelled myself to even higher standards on my blog. I know I have been, at time a little whiny, ranty and more than a little self indulgence, but whats a blog for if not to do those things, lol.  So thanks you all for letting me enjoy the wonderful world and people that fill it, So I raise a glass of Port and salute you all.

Sliocht sleachta ar shliocht bhur sleachta

Which translates to Blessings on your posterity.

And to the Irish in you

Fad saol agat, gob fliuch, agus bás in Eirinn
(Long life to you, a wet mouth, and death in Ireland)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Surprise Present from my Better Half

Yesterday I was bloody surprised as my lovely wife got me a wonderful present that was related in a way to VBCW. It is a cup from 1936, the year of the three Kings, celebrating this fact and I was very pleasantly surprised. So here is a couple of photo of it.

Monday, 19 November 2012

The Winners of the Liebster Award Goes to..............

I have to say I am rather shocked and pleased to have been given this award from Michael at 28mm Victorian Warfare for a number of reasons. Firstly, Michael's blog is a wonderful blog to read that is both intelligence and witty but also Michael is a gifted miniature painter whom I have many times enjoyed and marvelled at his skills and knowledge. I fully hearted recommend that you have a look at his blog, if you have not done so already and Michael thank you very much for this award.

Now down to the second of the award. Now following the rules as laid out below I have to nominate five fellow blogger for this award. So firstly the rules as laid down of 28mm Victorian warfare:

  1. Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it to you.
  2. Pass the award to your top 5 favourite blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.
  3. Sit back and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have just made someone's day!
  4. There is no obligation to pass this on to anyone else but it is nice if you do. 

Now here comes the hardest part on deciding who gets the award.

  • My first choice has to go to a good friend of my and a paint who skills surpass my in every work. This chap has helped me for the running and planning of the Partizan game for the last two years and even though he lives up in the North of Scotland he stills travels south for them. So I am very happy to award this to my fellow VBCWer Mr Smillie at Painting Diary

  • My second choice for this award also goes to another fellow VBCWer as this fellow has an amazing and clever blog. Mainly it deals with his adventures in his 18th century Imaginations it is a clever and intelligence read. But what is truly stunning is his idea of a portable wargame and is a winner in my eyes. So I am happy to award this to The Duchy of Tradgardland

  • My third choice for this award goes to a blog that I have only recently started to follow and I love the post apocalyptic feel to this. This chap is a great paint and after realising that we both enjoy the world of 7Tv and 7ombieTv how could I not award this to him? His Zombie survivors that he has been painting recently are truly amazing.  So with great pleasure I award this to Brummie's Wargamming Blog

  • My fourth choice is to a chap who has amazed me with both his knowledge of the Napoleonic Wars and his skill at converting 20mm plastic soldiers. Added to this is the fact he is a wonderfully decent chap to boot the award had to go to him. So with great pleasure my fourth award goes to  Monsieur le Rosbif & Johnny Frog

  • My last award goes to a fellow illustrator and a very gifted one at that. He also like so many of so on the bloggersphere paints wee toy soldiers and there are a delight to look at. So I am happy to award this to Iron Mitten

Another Scottish Covenanter

Here is the second Scottish Covenanter for the Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic book by Solway and I have gone for a more highlander look for this one. Again I am going to do a Grey jacket and blue tam but the kilt is going to in Covenanter tartan which is a rather simple tartan pattern which suits these rather God fearing gents.

Highland Covenanter, 1938

Covenanter Tartan

Sunday, 18 November 2012

After the Royalists What's Next?

After finishing the Royalist plate the next plate is the Covenanters. Now the original ones which from the time of The War in the Three Kingdoms, The English Civil War, and were Scottish worn sworn the Solemn League and Covenant. Now that is back in the ECW and the these are for the VBCW so I have updated them, so keeping the idea of the uniform being the same colour, grey jacket, dark grey trouser, blue beret, I have updated the uniform to a service style uniform with a Tam. Here is the result.

Scottish Covenanter, 1938

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Last of the Royalists

Here is the last of the Royalists that I am doing for Solway's latest book Armies and Enemies of the Scottish Republic. This chap is actually the commander of the British Union of Fascists for Scotland, 2nd Commander Ernest Smallbottom. Being a ex bank manager type, drawn your own conclusions there, I have aimed for the arrogant, pompous look, associated with a man who thinks he has more power than he actually has. He is wearing the Action Press Uniform of the BUF and piped dark blue as identification  for Scotland. If anyone can think of a good name for the dog I would be chuffed as I am thinking "Mosley".

2nd Commander Ernest Smallbottom
Commander of BUF in Scotland, 1938

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Finished Troon Volunteer

Here is the finished Troon Volunteer. Based on Highland Regiments Full Dress uniforms and various Victorian Militias and I happy with it. I have used the Royal Troon tartan pattern for two results, firstly the name and secondly the sett just looks the part. He has a Glengarry on and those fancy Argylls the Highland Regiments wear and looks better than plain red socks.

Troon Volunteer, 1938

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Finished Royalist Officer

Here is the finished Scottish Royalist Officer and I Have to say that I am rather pleased with him. I think he is the very model of a posh officer from the King's Own Scottish Boarders and i have given him some rather natty tartan beeches. He is wearing a standard Service Dress uniform and the standard Sam Brown belts, which where common at the time and the tartan beeches which are in Royal Stewart tartan which are one of the tartan patterns worn by the regiment.

Royalist Officer, KOSB, 1938

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