Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Prince Albert's Own Leicester Yeomanry

Well I have finished the yeomanry complete with its standard and I am jolly happy with the results. But now this means I want more cavalry maybe the 9th/12th Lancers or maybe a hunt or some civvies. These miniatures from Reiver Castings which look nothing special on there website or even in the lead paint up very well and look lovely. Now a have a full regiment for use with Brigadier 38 and these will be having there first real outting at Albanich 2012 and might even get two battle in. I just hope they did better than there first outting at Other Partizan last year where they got cut to ribbons.

Monday, 30 January 2012

POA LY Standard

Here is the Standard for my Leicestershire Yeomanry. I have to admit that I couldnt decide on which standard so I decided to use both, The Regimental Standard on one side and the Squadron Standard on the other. I think it looks good and can not wait to print it and see. Here's the standard.

Prince Albert's Rides Again

Here is the latest stage that the yeomanry are at and I'm nearly completed the task. I just have the weapons and the bases to do and the Guidon then it is completed. The only real question is which guidon to use, the regimental standard or B Squadrons standard. I think I might go for B Squadrons standard as I like the motto. Here is the picture of the latest stage.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Leicestershire Yeomanry

The finishing troops for the Leicestershire Yeomanry are coming along rather well. I done a lot of the jacket and now its the webbing and harnesses to do along with the weapons and the gilting.  I should have them finished rather shortly and them its large picture time, yes I am going to take a photo of all my painted VBCW figures, a sort of Humberstone Militia Review. Here is the latest stage the yeomanry are at.

Here is the Regimental Standard

Or maybe the Squadron Standard

Oh, Mr Porter

I have realised that I have not posted a picture of William Hay, Albert and Harbottle since I have painted them and thought I'd better rectify that.So here are the set of miniatures from Mutton Chop named Mr Porter and Chums. These are lovely figures as are all figures sculpted by the talented hands of Paul Hicks and are a dream to paint. So here they are.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


As Albanich, Dumfries 17 March, is drawing close and I have the possibly of playing two big games of VBCW using Brig'38 I have been adding to my force. The support elements for my regulars have been added and now I have turned my attention to my cavalry. I already have seven painted but now the cavalry size is 10 I am finishing off the last three chaps. These chaps will be painted as POA Leicester Yeomanry in there 1911 uniform, complete with lances. The chaps are from Reiver Castings and they paint up rather well. Here are the started figures and the horse isn't as yellow as the camera has made it out to be.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Leach Trench Mortar

I have finished my Leach Trench Mortar from Great War Miniatures. I have to say these are the first I have had from them and they are very nice and well sculpted miniatures and I think I will be getting more of this range in the future. The  only thing is that there are on the rather large size of 28mm but in a unit with few GWM in it that would not make that much different. So here are the photos.

The trench catapult.

Improvised catapults were up-graded versions of the schoolboy 'Y' format catapult made in the trenches and intended to give further range to the standard, or improvised, hand grenade. They were thought to be particularly hazardous to the user and were not officially approved.

A more sophisticated 6 foot high version of the 'Y' catapult was designed by C.P. Leach. The machine was made and despatched to the Western Front by the sports department of the London department store Gamages from mid -1917. It was supplied at the rate of 20 per BEF Division. The frame was made out of 2-inch thick (ash) wood. Each arm was tapered outward at the end to provide strong anchor-points for the twelve bands of natural rubber and was cross braced for added strength. A double cranking device was incorporated to tension the multiple rubber bands. The machine propelled a two pound hand grenade for up to160 yards when the elastic bands were new; far in excess of the best 'overarm bowled' hand grenade which only had a range of around 30 yards.

The fast rate of deterioration of the elasticity of the rubber bands meant that the catapult was usually reserved for more important operations rather than put to daily use.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

More Tea Vicker

Yes here is the finished Vickers HMG for my regulars of the Tiger Regt. I am rather pleased with it and adds some well needed support. This is from Warlord Games and is rather nice. It is a little later in period from the 1938 regs but I dont care, that much.

Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm So Happy

Yes I am so happy as I have finished and sent off my application after doing a horrid online test, but that's over with. I have more importantly, lol, almost finished both the trench mortar and the Vickers HMG. I am rather pleased with the result so far and really only have the base to colour and then flock and that's them finished. The scarf of the mortar crew member is from the local team, Leicester Tigers,and was some what fitting.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Today's Effects

I have been busy with other things today and have managed to find a little time to do a spot of painting. Its come to webbing time for the HMG team, the part I sort of hate as is can make or break a figure. For the mortar team its a similar story after finishing the sheep skins. The catapult is starting to take shape too. So here there are. Once I have finished these I am going to take a photo of the whole bloody force just to see what it looks like.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Trench Mortar is Coming Along Well

Yes I have nearly finished the application and frankly I cant face another word so I have taken the time to paint a little more and here are the results. Quite good I think. Yes in the background is a part of my ever growing lead mountain.

Slowly Coming Along

I am now on my last competence on this job applicant and then I will be nearly finished. I hate competence based applications even though I deal with competences every day being a civil servant, no that's incompetences, lol. Mind you I have also just seen another job/role that I thinking about to and its also my dream job, working within the army as a regimental researcher and archivist. Any way as a break I have finished the uniform colour and highlighted it for both the Trench Catapult and the Vickers.

Time to Add Some Support

Between focusing on feeding my Father in Laws cats and writing a job application, I have also decided to add some much needed support to my forces for VBCW. So for my regulars of the Tigers I have added a Vickers HMG from Warlord Games. Its a very nice little group of figures and fits together rather well. I have only painted the flesh completely and just started the uniforms, just based and washed at this moment. Hopefully I should get to do a little more today.

I have also decided to add, more for my militias a Trench Catapult from Great War Miniatures. I think the very idea of a catapult being used is so VBCW and I had to have it and they are lovely sculpts if a little larger than my usual Musketeer, Warlords and Gripping Beast. Again this is at the same stage as the above.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Poachers

Today offering form the what I have recently painted vaults at PanzerKaput Masons is Gripping Beast's Woodbine Design's Poachers. Firstly I have confuse a little that this range is one of my favourites not just in the content but also in the way Soapy Sculpts.  These are the latest in the range they have and are a dream to paint, where else am I going to find early to mid 20th century hunting parties and toffs for my VBCW?  Why here they are!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

You Rang Me Lady

Here is the finished, completed and based miniatures of a Gentleman's Gentleman and a Chauffeur from Black Cat Bases. I rather like both figures the Chauffeur has that strong arm to him and the Gentleman's Gentleman I just love because of the gun he has in his hands. I am too rather pleased with the painting on these too, so here they are.

Front View

Rear View

Albert and Harbottle Again

Yes, yes, yes as Harry Meet Sally said, I have actually finished the figures :). Now all I have to do is plant the grass and flowers on the bases and then they will be finished. I have to say that I am rather pleased with them.

Albert I think, hope, etc

Here is the latest stage of the couple done. I have just the gun and base to do for Albert then he is finished and a little bit more for Harbucket.

Albert and Harbottle

These are the last two from the weekend that I plan to complete hopefully today. They are from Mutton Chop Miniatures and are based on Moore Marriot, the chap with the beard and Graham Moffatt, the chap with the tan jacket on. Lovely sculpts they are too and so full of character.

Monday, 16 January 2012

A Strange Thing Happened Tonight

Every year in the village we have an Annual Quiz. You know a sort of general knowledge, what happened last year, what's this tune, etc type of a quiz. Its great fun and my wife, couple of her friends and I usually field a team. For the last couple of years we have been getting better, from third to second or runner up and this year, well would you believe it we did finish third or second or any other place lower we actually won. Yes we WON. Childish but we WON!!! Now everyone in the village hates us, lol, but we WON.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I Failed

Yes I failed, I set myself to paint six figures and I managed only to paint four completely with the other two half done. Now I did have other things to do but given it was only six figures you would of thought that I would of been able to that. Saying all that I am happy with the ones I have painted with the last two of Gripping Beasts Poachers finished. I should have the other finished sometime during the week.

Blooming Heck I have finished two

Yes shock and horror I have actually finished two figures, okay I still have the bases to do but I have actually painted two. Not only that I I have almost completed the others that I am painting too. The two that I have finished is a Gentleman's Gentleman and a Chauffeur from Black Cat Bases and these are rather nice figure. Not only that but the butler actually has a gun in his hands behind his back, which is a nice touch.


Day Two of my painting time.

Here is the some total of what I managed to do yesterday. Between writing a job application, watch Alien on Blue Ray and Wallace vs Shaka Zulu I had less time than I wanted, now where have I heard that before. Mind you I am also a painfully slow painter so if I get any of these finished by the end of the weekend it will be a success for me. So here it is. Is it me but the fellow to the right of the Gentleman's Gentleman is he Alan Partridge?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Painting Today

Having finished the book I now have a little time for myself and my other hobby. Yes I can actually paint some wee soldiers. I am so happy and happy a couple of Woodbine Designs Poachers and a couple of Mutton Chops Col Potter and Chums. I also have a couple of black Cat Bases figures, a butler and a Chauffeur. So a busy day for me ;)

Friday, 13 January 2012

Anglican League Militia, Somerset, 1938

I have finished the last of the illustrations for the Somerset Freedom Fighters book by Mort for Solway. I am rather pleased with this chap as I think I have got the feel of 1930s rural England with him. He has been great fun to do as have all the illustrations I have had to do and I wish Mort every success with this book.

Anglican League Militia/LDV,
Somerset, 1938

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Jacket is Finished

Yes indeed I have finished the jacket save for the buttons. I am rather pleased with it and the faint check in it, A lot of work are not a lot visually. I was hoping on having him finished yesterday but forgot had a village forum meeting to discuss various matters in the village. Yes in I am a village busy body, please dont that against me, lol. Here is the latest stage and you can play spot the difference with the previous stage.

Anglican League Militia,
Somerset, 1938

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Anglican League Militiaman in Somerset.

Here is the last of the illustration for the Somerset Freedom Fighter book and he is well on the way. The jacket is not finished yet, need to be darken, shaded and then a checked pattern added to it. As you can see, hopefully I have gone for the countryside/farming look, tweeds and moleskins with the added checked shirt and tie. I hope to have the chap finished in the next couple of days and then I am going to spend the weekend actually painting lead toy soldiers. Here he is.

AL Militia, Somerset, 1938

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Uniformed Anglican league Militia Officer

Here is the finished Anglican League Militia Officer. I have given him a more military look as he is part of the uniformed militia that the League uses and not like the Local Defence Forces used. He has the Yellow nd Black checked tie of the Diocese of Bath and Wells and has other Leagues symbols like the cross cap badge and the League armband. He is also armed with a broom handled Mauser pistol, which is quite common on all sides of the conflict.

Officer of the Anglican League Militia,
Somerset, 1938

The Last of the Somerset Wine

Yes here is the last of the sketches for the Somerset Freedom Fighters book by Mort for Solway. This time I have sketched a Anglican League Militiaman without a uniform just in his tweed jacket and a armband. I rather like the way he is standing, like someone is actually sketching him, and I think nothing says countryside as well as Tweeds and Moleskins. Here is the fine fellow anyway.

Non-Uniformed Anglican League Militiaman,
Somerset, 1938

New Book on Sell, The Concise Source Book for VBCW

Hi there folks I have a new book which I have illustrated for available now. Yes the Concise Source Book for 1938: A Very British Civil War is on sell from my friends at Solway price £8:00 plus postage and package.

The Concise Source Book for VBCW

The source book is an updated edition of the 1938 VBCW source book. It retains the original background narrative but has an expanded section on the factions, updating most of the original factions and adding new groups such as the Albertines, the Order of the Martyrs, the Jacobites and the League of St. Andrews. New photos and artwork is included.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Bishop of Bath and Wells' Own

Yes I have finished the Cherry Tart and I am very happy with him. I think I have got the correct amount of amateurishness and middle ages knowing in this one. There is just something about he that says "Right Lads a rousing choir of Upward Christian Soldiers will scare the foe". I can just imagine this chap laying down covering fire and singing hymns at the top of his voice. This is the first of three Anglican League illustrations for the Somerset Freedom Fighters book and the other two are a little more on the militia side. So he is the Cherry Tart in all his glory.

Bishop of Bath and Wells' Own
"Cherry Tarts"

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Cherry Tart is Having its Cream

Silly title I know but here is the latest stage of the Bishops Guard. I think now what than at any time he is looking like a school head or a choir master but I still like he. So here is the latest stage the good chap is at.

Cherry Tart, still in Somerset, 1938

Also I have my own little troll who is following me about and I think he is jealous of my work or not like it, but form time to time you attacks me on GWP. I am rather glad as he has had his account suspended so thanks GWP admin :) 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cherry Pie

I have started the Bishops of Bath and Wells Own troopers with their Red Berets making them look like Cherry Tarts, well according to the BUF and everyone else. I have tried to paint him like a middle aged man and I think he has a bit of a look of Rene from Allo, Allo. A little shocked by that too.

Cherry Tart, Somerset, 1938

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Next Sketch for the SFF Book

Yes he is the next sketch for the SFF book and this is a Uniformed Militia Officer for the Anglican League. Again I have gone for that middle England, ex civil servant, accountant look and I think I have got that. If you look carefully you will notice a broom handled Mauser.

Anglican League Militia Officer

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Royalists Catholic Force, Somerset

Here is the finished Royalist Catholic unit for the forthcoming Somerset Freedom Fighters book by Mort for Solway. As said this a Catholic trooper who is fighting for King Edward VIII and is fashioned after the Carlist forces in the Spanish Civil War. I think that he is quire different for the normal forces involved in the Very British Civil War and I am happy with the results. See Mort's Blog for more information on this unit.

Royalist Catholic Company
Somerset, 1938

Monday, 2 January 2012

I'm a Roman Catholic and so is my Mother.

Not happy with finishing the BUF chappy I have made a good start on the Royalist Catholic trooper. He is styled on the Spanish Civil War Carlists and is coming along.

Royalisys force, Catholic Unit, 1938
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