Monday, 2 January 2012

British Union of Fascists Auxiliary, Wessex Division

Here is the completed BUF Auxiliary trooper. As requested I have based him on a Black and Tan, giving him the Tam they are indentified with and in fact took it a little further. Even in England the image of the Black & Tans was one of fear, so as he is an BUF Auxiliary I went for the BUF Jacket , the only piece of BUF clothing and the rest, trousers and Tam as British army. The roll neck jumper and shoes are civilian  and the webbing is old ex British army surplus. The rank on the sleeve is BUF rank of Section Leader, Sergeant. I hope the I have captured the image. Next the Royalist Catholic.

British Union of Fascists Auxiliary
Wessex Division, Somerset, 1938


  1. The different colour jacket really stands out, very nice indeed!

  2. Great work, looks really sharp

  3. Top result Sir! He certainly has a intimidatory look to him.


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