Friday, 6 January 2012

The Cherry Tart is Having its Cream

Silly title I know but here is the latest stage of the Bishops Guard. I think now what than at any time he is looking like a school head or a choir master but I still like he. So here is the latest stage the good chap is at.

Cherry Tart, still in Somerset, 1938

Also I have my own little troll who is following me about and I think he is jealous of my work or not like it, but form time to time you attacks me on GWP. I am rather glad as he has had his account suspended so thanks GWP admin :) 


  1. The pic is coming on very well, can you send me some cherry tart'n'cream!! Or you could send some to your troll, or even better rub it in his face!!!

  2. You be careful with titles like that - you might get all sorts of 'foodie' followers! Sorry to hear about your difficulty, but pleased it has been addressed appropriately.

  3. LOL about the title. Yes it has all ended for the time being.


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