Monday, 23 January 2012

I'm So Happy

Yes I am so happy as I have finished and sent off my application after doing a horrid online test, but that's over with. I have more importantly, lol, almost finished both the trench mortar and the Vickers HMG. I am rather pleased with the result so far and really only have the base to colour and then flock and that's them finished. The scarf of the mortar crew member is from the local team, Leicester Tigers,and was some what fitting.


  1. Fingers crossed for your job application. Sounds like the perfect job for a war gamer!

    Nice work on you heavy weapons stands, too. Like the non-regulation football scarf. Shades of Private Pike!

  2. Love the scarf...good luck with the job!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement about the job, all done now its to see if I get an interview.

    The scarf is Leicester Tigers Rugby club my local club and it adds colour to the base I think.

  4. Great idea with the scarf. Very nice painting too. Best of luck.

  5. The scarf really stands out and good luck....


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