Saturday, 28 January 2012

Leicestershire Yeomanry

The finishing troops for the Leicestershire Yeomanry are coming along rather well. I done a lot of the jacket and now its the webbing and harnesses to do along with the weapons and the gilting.  I should have them finished rather shortly and them its large picture time, yes I am going to take a photo of all my painted VBCW figures, a sort of Humberstone Militia Review. Here is the latest stage the yeomanry are at.

Here is the Regimental Standard

Or maybe the Squadron Standard


  1. Great work there and absolutely splendid flags-I look forward to see the standard on the figure...

  2. I do like a nicely turned out cavalry unit! Lovely work Pete; really looking forward to the review.

  3. Great looking flags and the cavalry look impressive.

  4. Thanks there chaps. The flags are the real flags of the POA Leicestershire Yeomanry taken from their website. I'll have to clean them up a bit. But which one.


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