Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Book on Sell, The Concise Source Book for VBCW

Hi there folks I have a new book which I have illustrated for available now. Yes the Concise Source Book for 1938: A Very British Civil War is on sell from my friends at Solway price £8:00 plus postage and package.

The Concise Source Book for VBCW

The source book is an updated edition of the 1938 VBCW source book. It retains the original background narrative but has an expanded section on the factions, updating most of the original factions and adding new groups such as the Albertines, the Order of the Martyrs, the Jacobites and the League of St. Andrews. New photos and artwork is included.


  1. It must be quite a buzz seeing all your hard work come to fruition. Well done that man.

  2. I have to admit that even after six books that I am still so Jazzed when I see it in print. Thanks there for your very kind words though.


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