Saturday, 21 January 2012

Slowly Coming Along

I am now on my last competence on this job applicant and then I will be nearly finished. I hate competence based applications even though I deal with competences every day being a civil servant, no that's incompetences, lol. Mind you I have also just seen another job/role that I thinking about to and its also my dream job, working within the army as a regimental researcher and archivist. Any way as a break I have finished the uniform colour and highlighted it for both the Trench Catapult and the Vickers.


  1. Taking shape nicely; mind you that's a whole host of loveless you behind them!

    1. Its actually a load of Black and Tans and some BUF from Musketeer. I got just over a month to paint 12 Black and Tans, 8 BUF, 4 RIC, 20 IRA and 1 boy and crew and 2 militia bombers. I need them for Albanich in March.

  2. Great start. I like the way these guys are looking.


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