Friday, 10 February 2012

Humberstone Militia Has Its First Review

Well I am not totally sure it anyone else is as sad of me but I decided to take stock the other day to see where my VBCW forces are at and was quite surprised with the findings. The main propose for this is for Albanich 2012 when I how to be getting in a couple of games if Brigadier '38 in and seeing if my forces are good enough. That is one of the results for the large expansion program, okay painting project recently, feeling in some of the gaps. Anyway like all good wargamers, I have actually taken photos of them, for reference honestly, and here is the results.

Here is the full Humberstone Brigade with support from the Tigers Regt and POA Leicestershire Yeomanry.

Here is the Command HQ

Brigade Flag and Moral support section

POA Leicestershire Yeomanry with Campden Lyods support.

The Toffs and Posh

Worker's  Battalion 

Posh and Toffs Battalion

Professions Battalion with a Company from the Tigers.


  1. What a great looking force.Some really wonderful fig's in there. Excellent work.

  2. An absolutely splendid force old bean.

  3. What a great collection!!! I do like the cavalry! Top class figures Sir!

  4. Now that's what VBCW is all about! Such a wonderful and eclectic range of miniatures but when you see them together it all starts to make sense! As for the guilty pleasure of laying them all out and taking stock; I sure most of us do something similar! I've been known to dig out the Timpo toys when the good lady wife has popped out, purely to dust them off you understand!

  5. That is a truly impressive horde. I never knew the VBCW options were so intriguing.

  6. Phew I thought I was the only one who did this. I have to admit I didnt realise just how many troops I had. Now this has been increased but another Armoured Car and another twenty four fellows.


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