Sunday, 26 February 2012

Its the Men They Couldn't Hang

I have finished off my British Union of Fascists Auxiliaries and I am rather happy with the whole result now that they are fully based and painted. Its strange how the base pulls the miniature together and these miniatures from Musketeer Miniatures and sculpted by Paul Hicks were a wonder to paint up. I painted these up in the uniform of the BUF Auxiliary as I illustrated in Solways' new book on the Somerset Freedom Fighters (more to follow about that in the new couple of days).

The facings colours and piping identify the division (actually the area with the unit is from) with blue being for the Severn Valley and the Midlands. I am sad enough to create the divisional areas and work out there facings. Also these are based on real BUF pipings or facings as there didn't use them. This being as follows:

Colour                               Area

Red                   Manchester and North West Division

Purple               London and the South East Division

Blue                  Severn and the Midlands Division

White                Newcastle and the North East Division

Yellow              East Anglican Division

Green               West Country Division

Brown               The South Division

Dark Green       Wales

Dark Blue         Scotland

Now of course this is all top secret stuff and subject to change at any time.


  1. Tremendous! I've got to say Pete, these are some of your best yet; look great all together like this.

  2. I'd second Michael! Might have to revist my BUF as I went for red piping on my Northumbrian BUF and it seems that I should have gone for white!

  3. Lovely work as ever pete, makes me ashamed to think I haven't painted a thing since December!

  4. Very nice figures! I flicked through 2 of the booklets you've illustrated today at Cavalier!!

  5. Thanks there chaps.

    Modest dont worry as I have made it up anyway.

    Smillie never feel ashamed of that.

    Ray I hope you liked the books.


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