Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Set of Rules from a Decent Chap

I very rarely do this and basically nick from another blog, in fact this is the first time, but as someone I know has written a set of wargames rules for the interwar period which includes my own VBCW. Here is the posting that he has done for you from his own blog.

A World Aflame

Fame at last!!!! The original concept for these came about when I agreed to write a quick set for the first Gentlemans Wargames Parlour BCW game a couple of years ago. The rules were greeted with some enthusiasm and then Osprey asked me if they could publish them. Having been asked I decided on a complete re write and the soon to be published rules are the result. Many of the original concepts remain although a huge amount has been changed. Hopefully they will be well received although I think thay are worth buying simply for the cover art work which is fantastic as far as I am concerned.

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