Tuesday, 28 February 2012

VBCW Big Game at Partizan May 27th

I am organising a game of VBCW for Partizan in May27th, which I hope will build upon last news game.

The plot, as much as there is a need for one is as follows.

A special VIP (Read this as the freebie figure for this Partizan and its a good one) is touring the county on a bit of a public awareness exercise for someone who shall remain nameless for the time being and this special VIP is found out (cue dramatic music).

Now its of the various local and not so local factions bring forth there best, or a least the ones they have closest at the time, to bring this VIP to justice, be friend, seek help.

However, the Duke of Rutland who land everyone is travelling across and through is not happy and will defend his land from all comers, just like last time until ..............

More of this as it develops, together with a map of the area and possible forces.

Does anyone have any idea on which rules to use, as I am keeping this petty generic at the moment.


  1. Sounds like a cracker of a game. I wish I could come!

  2. I understand way you cant my friend, but there is a September game :)

  3. Sounds cool. Good luck with this.

  4. Not a clue on rules but the Lardies rules would seem to fit and good luck with it, I might try to convince the Rejects to go?

  5. Sounds like a great premise; you've got me scratching my head as to who the mysterious VIP is?

  6. Thanks for the support and thanks and I will keep you up with a status report, as and when it happens. Got to do a bloody map now, lol.

    Mr Angry you and the Rejects are welcome to come and play, I think we can even supply the figures.

    Michael the mysterious, secret VIP, you have to when on that one, but a clue will be posted in the next few days once it arrives.


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