Sunday, 19 February 2012

Warmachine Stuff

Hi there folks, today i am departing from my normal VBCW and illustrations to show off some of my Warmachine stuff instead. Now I used to be heavily into this before getting married and the the second edition came out and feeling rather pished with but the "new" books again I drew a line under it and said no more. Also I was crap at the game too, lol. I have a friend who has got into these figures and I decided to have a look at them again and was surprised by how nice these are, so I thought I would show them off. I have done a little retouching to them but nothing really. These are, I think, Khador forces and the fella is named The Butcher of Khardov for something he done in his past, or he was the only butcher in Khardov. I love the fact his weapon, the axe, is named Lola but no-one will ask why. I think it is because is looks like a woman and walks like a man, lol.


  1. Nice job pete, I've never tried Warmachine but always fancied the "look" of the various factions.

  2. I know what you mean, the game is game and enjoyable but the models so much better

  3. I've got to say I can see where the attraction comes from, very cool looking beasties! Nicely done too, may I add.


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