Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Albanich 2012 Part 2

Now having been told that I was now a fully paid up member of the CAD Club, London, the battle started to turn for the Royalist forces. The Anti-tank gun mounted on a truck on the opposite side of the table to me took a him and bang it went after a shell was fired from one of the monstrous tanks and its machines gun ripped into the infantry that was guarding it. This brought about high casualties but the brave chaps stayed around more. At this time we lost one of the commanders, he had to spend an hour on the door.

Anglican League AT Truck on fire.

The Lost Command

The Lost Command Stays

Now for the first time in the game we won the Initiative and we let the Royalists go first. I have to say I was rather surprised when one of the Royalist commanders charged his ambulance at fast speed to the bridge and freedom. It seems that their tactics of fighting there way through had turned to change their way through. Now I was surprised as I had the title of Cad and I joked about shooting the ambulance up. I got in reply its an ambulance with a big red cross, you can't do that, I just thought easy target that is not going to shoot back. Well after beating the ladies cavalry off more armoured vehicles and rules came to bear on my left flank and the chaps guarding the crossroads. I lost the Boys anti-tank rifle and the HMG and the gun in the armoured car, but still the battalion of militia men still held fast as do the mobile anti-tank gun. My centre battalion with the last remaining WW1 MkIV tank still shoot up the vehicles at and past the crossroads but only caused light casualties to them, while my one started to mount up.

Glorious Defence

The Anglican League advance on the Royalist positions
More advancing

However one of the strangest incidences of the battle happened next. In order for me to get my tank hunter Morris men into position to attack the monster tank my brave yeomanry actually changed the tank. Know that they did stand a snowballs in hell chance of damaging it, they still charged it to attach the machine gun fire of the tank to them, As the brave lads charged in they were subjected to a hail of lead but ever shot either failed to hit its target for the ones that did they were saved. The net result was not one of the yeomanry where hit and the whole unit charged in. Brave and Stupid is now the motto of the Unit and now they are off to learn how to become tank hunters.

My centre advance to cut the road

Brave and Stupid the motto of my Yeomanry now

But that was the last thing that happened as the sun went down and the game was declared a draw as both sides had suffered much and neither had managed their objective, though the Anglican League had stopped the convoy from getting through at a cost, my brigade was still is fighting order and I know I would of won the day, if the night hadn't come, well I am keeping to that. Now how does one get rid of the title of Cad?


  1. Excellent work, PK, you cad!

    What happend after the Yeomanry charged the tank? Did they just sit there wondering what to do next, or did they jab it with their swords? :-)

    I reckon you get the gong for the game as you prevented the convoy from reaching the other side!

    1. They attacked it and now the Royalists have an expensive paint job to do on it, lol

  2. I love the idea of Yeomanry being used against a tank, brilliant! Perhaps next time they'll raid the kitchen first and take some tin openers!

    A wonderful looking game there, I bet that it really set the show off.

    1. I think you are correct there thats why they are off back to school to be trained in the art of tank hunting, lol

  3. What tremendous fun; only in VBCW could such folly as Yeomanry charging a tank be applauded as a tactical decision. What with Morris dancing tank hunters and a host of other wonderful looking units it looks like a huge success for VBCW.

    1. Take why I love it so and its so much fun too

  4. Great looking game and wonderful photos.

  5. Excellent read can't wait for the next part!!

  6. It was a great game, good company, what else could one ask for.


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