Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Big Red Truck

Here is a resin kit that a fellow GWPer has made and I have to say for a chap who is basically doing this as a side line so big companies could watch and learn about quantity control. This is from 6 mil Phil and I have to say they are not too bad for the money. I am rather pleased with it and it is getting its first outing at Albanich 2012 this weekend, in fact on St. Patrick's Day so no matter what its going to be a grand day.


  1. Nicely done Pete; good old 'Slug Industries' he does come up with some great ideas.

  2. Looking good, Phils doing some nice work, and lovely paint job. I'm toying with treking down from the wilds of Scotland to Dumfries at the weekend but we shall see!

    1. Mr Smillie I hope you can make the trip, it will be nice to see you there.

  3. Thanks there fellas, I agree what you say about "Slug Industries" great service and some great products too. What worth the support.


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