Thursday, 1 March 2012

Introducing the Duke of York

Yes the next one in the Albertine series for Simon at Solway it the Duke of York himself, Prince Albert. I have illustrated him in a Naval Uniform armed with a broom handled Mauser, I know not very British but very pulp and besides I like the weapon. I have given him a bit of the shore landing party look and I cant wait to paint him.

Duke of York, 1938
 I am also hoping to have nine coopers, a Royal Mail rocket team and maybe twelve BUF troops painted by the 15th of this month, more coming on that soon.


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  2. Great Start Sir! I'm sure I've read that Churchill favoured a Mauser, doesn't get more British than that!

  3. Thanks chap and I read that Churchill used a Mauser in South Africa. I love the look of it, it just a sexy gun, if guns can be sexy.


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