Friday, 30 March 2012

The latest for the Partizan Game on 27 May

The Day We Went to Queniborough

Just to the north of the city of Leicester, very close to the A6 road lays a small but historical village of Queniborough. Just why this village was chosen for the visit for the VIP or who the VIP is, but it was and a meeting in the village hall has been arranged. When we say village hall what they actually meant was Queniborough Hall, a large Manor House where during the English Civil War Prince Rupert once used as his headquarters. Maybe it was this reason that they decided that the VIP would come here, raising the flag so to speak for the faction, raising funds and having a walkabout. I guess being so close to Leicester word would hopefully spread and be favourable for this faction. So the VIP rested in the village, with very little in the way of a guard but for the Local Defence group.

But as with all good this and maybe one of those letters to local chosen local leaders might have been intercepted or maybe the spies of the various factions got wind of something happening but either way the major factions started there mobilising there forces trying to from out where this meeting was and who the VIP is.

So the Duke of Rutland sent out his forces looking for this meeting, trying to find out why this had been called and why HE was not invited.

The City Council Committee sent there forces out too looking for this meeting, wondering who this VIP was and why all the cloak and dagger stuff.

More to follow…………………


  1. Sounding good pete, I look forward to seeing lots of pictures of the game as I can't make it this year.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks there Mr Baur and thanks for following

  3. More will be coming in the next couple of days and then the plan to kick it alive and get people fired up.


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