Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lt Cooper and his fellow Coppers

I have finished the coppers now bar the bases and I am pleased with the results. I decided against painting the On Duty band as it looked like a pain in the backside to do and I don't think it would of added that much to it. I guess now at least I can use them as coppers from other periods now.


  1. Now they are cool. Very nice work indeed.

  2. Damn nice work and could be used for the USA as well....

  3. Splendid job Sir! You got that blue spot on and as you say by not doing the armband you keep them versatile.

  4. I have realised that I have some of Foundry's Street Violence range, especially there SWAT teams. Could be some normal street cops for them.

    But I am glad you like them.


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