Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Book On Sell, Somerset Freedom Fighters

New the Somerset Freedom Fighters book written by my friend Mort and on sell through my good friend Si at Solway. I know this is crass commercialism but I am very proud to be a part of this book and help bring it alive with my illustrations. I has been a fun ride, not always an easy one, but a good one none the less.

Just so you all know this is what the book covers.

History of the SFF pre 1938.
Background of Dick Skeggs and why he joined the SFF.
Weapons, training, tactic's.
Spies and gun running.
The North Somerset campaign as history.
The North Somerset campaign with all the fluff, force lists and charts I made for the game.
Pictures of SFF, BUF, Royalists and Anglican League.

That should keep you going for an hour or two.


  1. Even though this book is focussed on an area almost as far as is possible away from "my VBCW" I am tempted to get this. That is mainly becuase I can pilfer inspiration for miniature painting from your illustrations!

  2. Plug away my friend!!!!! Why the hell not!!

  3. With Ray on this. You go for it!!

  4. My word Pete, what are you talking about? If a chap can't have a bit of shameless self promotion on his own blog then where can he; particularly when what he is promoting is of such good quality! Just as a very brief aside, I received my small order from 'Warbases' the other day and wrapped up with my goodies was a flyer for the 'Albanich 2012' show with your illustration on it; I smiled to myself as I thought, "I 'know' the guy who did that!"

    1. Yes that is one of my flyers and I had a similar surprise with a delivery I had. I am really glad and happy that it made you smile. Thank you as I feel humbled

  5. You Guys kill me, I am so happy to here that shameless advertising of one wears is fine. But I am happier but the fact you like the book more.


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