Friday, 9 March 2012

Partizan May 27th, Trouble brewing

After the visit of thE King in September to RAF Wittering, Belvoir Castle, and the surrounding area, the Duke of Rutland and his Blackshirted friends with the aid of Government forces has try to tighten his grip on Leicester and bring the war to a rather relucant Leicester City Socialists. Still smarting over the non delivery of boots for the BUF the Duke has used this time to gain advantage and moved as close as Houghton on the Hill to Leicester, developing a network of spies and informants within the city and the socialists forces.

All this has not gone unnoticed by the city council and they have taken up defences around the city which has lead to a few of the other factions taking advantage of this. The Catholic forces under De Lisle, a Great War Veteran, VC holder and major landlord has started a LDV/self defence force for Quenby Hall. Caught in No Mans Land between the City and the Duke, Lord Quenby sits patiently waiting and fighting off the warring neightbours. His is thought to be leaning towards the King and Mosley but keeps his distance for the time being.

The Anglican Leagues training grounds and base at Laurd Abbey are for the time being rather relieved that all this fuss as they see is being focused towards the city and they have been able to create links for other forces in the area and wider, especailly with Peterborough who have been able to surply support, experience and training in return for a safe training ground and a safe house. Not being to disposed toward the Papists on the doorsteps it has led to some strange talks with the socialists on how to deal with them.

More to come soon...................


  1. Sounding good pete, I'm genuinely disappointed that I wont be able to come along this year :( Good luck for round 2!

    1. Thats understandable mate being far away and all. Mind you its you who still should take some credit as if it wasn't for you last year mate I would not be doing this.

  2. A nice build up to whet the appetite.....

  3. Splendid story telling ,I await further developments with interest...

  4. The plot thickens! Sounds great Pete, looking forward to more.

  5. Thanks chaps I have to admit I am enjoying all this build up, plot for the game. I now have to work out or rather contrive a way to get the VIP into the game without it sounding weird or stupid, but at the same time a plot device. I am trying to keep it all under wraps as I have another game, actually two, next weekend. See I done sometimes play with my toys ;)


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