Sunday, 25 March 2012

Plans and Great Things Coming to Waste, etc

Well it seems that the sketch I did earlier was not good enough or rather is looked too 18th century so i have done a new and improved version of it.  I have to say that this version of the Canadian Highlander is better that the one I have done before, I like the pose and face better but the other chap might still get reused in the Scottish book which comes out later this year.

Canadian Highlander 1938

Plate B


  1. I'd missed the earlier post (just been for a quick look now) but this version seems much more appropriate, not to mention versatile when trying to tracking down miniatures to represent it. Great work Pete.

  2. The other one did look a little Jacobite!

    Both are still cracking sketches, though :-).

  3. Truly cracking sketches mate, looking really really good!

  4. Absolutly wondeful drawings! All of them.


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