Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Reply

Well I am glad to report that Warlord have replied back to me and I have to admit I feel that I have been a little hard on them, but also not. Here is the reply that I received from them and it answers all my questions and more, and there customer service I have to say is very good, but, well you read it as it might just be me.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the email.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, it took a bit longer to investigate than I thought.

I have checked all the castings for the miscast on the left hand side and they all have the same issue. This is due to the moulding process where the two halves of the mould meet. We try to cut the mould so the line does not come over the side, but it is not always possible. The castings were shown to the boss before we sent them out, and he passed them as ok to send. This can be fixed by smoothing out the line with some modelling putty, and a bit of filing.

The issue with the warping can can be fixed by putting the resin in hot water for a few minutes to soften it slightly, so that it can be put in the right place.

The lamps were missed off the new mould that was made for the K2, so I did not realise that they were needed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so that I can prevent it happening again. The lights are the same as what some of the other trucks use, so I can get a set sent to you.

We are having another mould made of the K2, with some safeguards to prevent the same issue with the miscast. I can send one on to you as soon as it is ready. Please let me know if this is okay. I will also add in something extra to compensate for the delay with your order and then the problems you have had with it.

Many Thanks.

So all is going to be fitted and I am going to get a new one too ;). How can I say that is bad service. Just hope it turns up before Partizan in May.


  1. What???
    "This can be fixed by smoothing out the line with some modelling putty, and a bit of filing."
    Now that I'd say is taking the piss!!!
    If you buy something new, why the hell would you expect to fix it so you can use it. I'd send the bloody thing back and telling them they can stick it! But that's me!!

  2. As I started reading I was filling with a sense of dread. However, at the end Warlord came good. Plus it sounds like you will end up with 2 K2s and something extra!

    It has confirmed in my mind just how good the quality of casting is by 6milphil!

  3. To a fair degree, I agree with Ray. You don't expect to fix something that is new. All in all though, Warlord seem to be "putting things right" for you. Not a bad result then.

  4. Its good to see they are going to replace it, but they shouldn't really be suggesting that its okay to send out below par goods I don't mind cleaning models up but yours would need quite a lot of work and I doubt would ever come up smooth. Sounds like its going to be fine in the long run though.


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