Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Sunday Game

Firstly I have to apologise for the lack of photos from this game but thats was down to two reasons, firstly I was a little tired and hangover, secondly and more importantly I was so involved in the game but here goes, well what I can remember.

Like the day's before battle, the Anglican League, Albertine alliance can on with strength with two brigades facing off a joint Royalist and British Union of Fascists force of two brigades as well. Again the Cumbria countryside sounded to crash of fire and wills and the Royalists gained the initiative and advanced on our positions and the village on my right flank. We too advanced with the 1st Brigade taking a village on my left and we both advanced to the centre with aim to capturing the village there. I was somewhat lucky with my development as a river divided a third of the area and I managed to get a full battalion plus support in this area. The other battalions were targeted for capturing the village and support the advance.

Royalist Advance

Anglican League Advance on Right 

On the next turn still the initiative lay with the Royalists and my opposite number managed to develop in the village on my right with a company and some supporting Roll Royce Armoured Cars. I carried on with my advance to the village with my Yeomanry once again leading the way and cover my advance. My left flank battalion advanced and took the centre village with two companies in the buildings and a third company held back in reserve just behind the buildings. The Brigade HQ also moved in the area of the village with my centre battalion advancing up the centre. My colleague on the left flanks moved his forces follow to meet the Royalist forces ahead of him and supported my capture of the village with his cavalry and trolley mounted HMGs. The BUF advanced his infantry forward supported by cavalry to take the road bridge that crossed the river. My cavalry was caught by machine gun fire from one of the Armoured Cars but the brave chaps show true grit and stay there, they suffered only light casualties. The other Armoured Car fired into my advancing infantry but with little effect. I had to move most of my support sections and mortars as they were out of range but my home made pipe mortar truck successfully fired with the thing going boom and managed to destroy a wall (it was Royalist wall really, lol, okay I missed the target).

BUF Advance on the bridge

BUF Advance on the centre village

The next turn everyone got the initiative with my colleague going first and me going last, as is normal with initiative (note; must get some new dice). My  fellow's brigade attacked the royalist on the left and smashed into them using his Renault FT advancing along a road firing at the enemy causing them to react to the "threat". The the Royalist and BUF carrying on advancing in the centre, taking the bridge and the cavalry taking up position and threaten to charge anything within range. My troops in the village set about making loopholes in the walls to gain firing positions and now they were supported by a Vickers HMG and a Boys Anti Tank Rifle. The centre battalion carried on its advance to the bridge and my right flank battalion carried on to the village with the Bishop's Guard entered the village supported by my Croydon Crusher and Croydon Armoured Van as well as the Police's Riot Van. The cavalry now retired behind the cover of the village to line up to clear the bridge. In the centre artillery fire which was aimed at the building in the centre village missed and over shot in target and landed in my left flank battalion HQ killed the battalion Chaplin, a rather nasty blow for that battalion. Also the Carden Loyds support in my centre battalion came under fire and one of them was knocked out and the crusher was lost too to gunfire of the Roll Royce Armoured Car but the Riot Van destroyed that vehicle. The Bishops Guard came under fire from the BUF police unit and the other Armoured Car by being of a stout type they stayed. My Pipe Mortar fired again at the BUF infantry by the bridge but managed only in burning some grass.

Royalist Artillery in Action

The Royalists still with the initiative carried on pressing there attack, advancing up the centre in a bid to capture the centre village which I was holding. The BUF cavalry charge a company of raw militia from my centre battalion which I had moved into the open, but this was like The Charge of the Light Brigade as I had a Vickers in support on one side, a Carden Loyd on the other, troops in the village who could fire and the company itself. Just like the Charge of the Light Brigade the attack was pressed and they forced back the company after causing heavy casualties but in the coarse of this they themselves were wiped out. The Renault tank was destroyed and the Royalists rushed forward but the brave Albertines slowed their advance. In the right hand side village my police rushed in to support the Bishop's Guard who were involved in a heavy firefight with the Police and the BUF and were suffering heavy casualties. Some were inflicted back in return but the Bishops Guard now retreated from there position. The BUF Armoured car and the BUF soldiers on the bridge opened up on the advance company of my right battalion and they suffer at there hands.

Albertine Renault RT tiring to flank Royalist Positions
Brave BUF Cavalry Preparing for the Charge

Now the Royalists attacked the centre village in force but they were meet with a hail of machine and shotgun fire from the village causing one company to break and halted the attack them. At the village on my right flank the Bishops Guard broke after a firefight but my police returned returned fire and the Royalist police broke, leaving the village in my hands. The BUF company at the bridge came under heavy fire and they too broke, before my cavalry could charge them, leaving the whole right flank up to the river in my control.

The game ended in a victory to the Albertine and Anglican League Alliance but it was a very hard fought game. I think we were aided but hangovers and a general Sunday feeling. This meant that the Albertines now have gained an upper hand in the area again, well until next time.


  1. This is such a continuing epic game, brilliant stuff...

  2. Great stuff Pete; love the 'little' tank!

  3. Excellent report! Looks like you enjoyed yourself even with the hangover!!!


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