Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Time to Throw Toys Out of the Pram

I am a little in shock and totally p**sed off with Warlord Games over the Austin Katie that I brought from them over two weeks ago. I emailed them on Sunday evening stating the problem and showing the photos, not expecting them to reply until sometime on Monday and still no reply even today. I checked that I have sent it to the right people which I have and have sent a second email today. The silly thing is I was annoyed but not that bothered about it but now I am totally pished, especially all I have ever heard is, Warlord's Customer Services is cool, well at the moment it sucks. If I dont heard anything by tomorrow evening I am going to ask for a refund on there faulty product and not buy from them again.

Rant over and I guess I better tidy all the toys before the wife comes back.


  1. Let's hope they get back to you soon, quick put the stuff away, she's just pulled up outside, I hope you've done the washing up?????

  2. That's really not normal for them. Hopefully they'll pull the finger out soon.

  3. It can be an arseache my friend, don't forget to the pram away as well and keep us updated.....

  4. Gosh the pram, better do that now as the good wife makes me a cuppa.

    I am sure it will sort itself out.

  5. Hope you get it sorted mate, bit of a poor show on their part, you would expect at least an acknowledgement saying looking into it will get back to you.


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