Monday, 30 April 2012

New Sketch for the Albertines

I am now on the last plate for the Albertine book for Solway and this chap is a Devonshire farmer complete with the straw to chew on. I have gone for a rather country bumpkin look with this fellow and I think I have got it. However Mrs PK thinks it looks like one of the Wurzels or maybe Worzel Gummidge but I dont see it. So here he is for you to decide who is right Mrs PK or Mr PK.

Devon Farmer 1938

Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Mountain of Walls

After spending most of this weekend either making a cottage, looking after three Maine Coon cats for the father in law or painting walls I find myself after watching Grimm rather glad the weekend in over. There will be most of the cottage in the next couple of days and the cats are cats, loving, big and killers to me, have a bad allergic reaction to cats fur I have finished three sets of 4Ground damageable walls. I am glad that the most of it is done just the bases to do and then finished. I have also got around to building my Austin K2 as well.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I Hate Scenery

Okay thats a general statement and I really dont hate scenery at all but having three packs of wall from 4Ground and rendered and painted the plastered parts of the wall its now brick time. I am bloody hating the time it is taking to paint the bricks and I am other about a third of the way through them. Still I need the wall for Partizan and it not that much that really needs doing just takes forever.

But happiness turned up today as a Thatched Cottage and Bared Wire barricades from 4Ground came in the post. I havent started on the cottage but I thought that I would  make up one of the barricades and I think is looks okay. Now I need to throw a lick of paint on it and rust the wire and its done. Here is a picture of it for you to make your own minds up about it.

You can see in the background an experiment on wheatfields and I think that I have the right colour now.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Went the Day Well Rules

Well that statement could be read is a number of ways like the film, Went the Day Well rules and it is a great film, which it is or it might be a set of rules named Went the Day Well written by a good friend of mine. Well as you might of gathered I am running a VBCW game at Partizan on 27th May and we are going to be using these  rules for the game and I have posted them for a limited time on here.

I hope you like them and find them useful.

And those who like the film or want to see more of it here is a clip.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

VBCW Game at Partizan Show 27th May

Well, well, well now that Salute 2012 is over I now it is time to get the Partizan game up and running, so to this end here I go.

So there is a VIP, no names as yet but their is a connection between Alex Cold in Alex, this year and a well know person, who is at the Old Hall Manor having a rest and a bit of a recruitment drive for funds and the faction when some dash bad luck has happened. Now being rather close to the city of Leicester, the Fosse Way or the A6 and some other important places, news has got out of a private meeting between this VIP and a couple of the factions and the others have decided after many days looking for this VIP and meeting to gatecrash it, those bouncers. So the village of Queniborough resting happily unaware of the forces coming to it and with the VIP also unaware of what is ahead its way. Luckily for the VIP the actually forces are still not sure of actually who it is they are after, what forces they having at their disposal and who else is coming to "investigate". So let battle begin.

I am going to be using Mr Ooks rules "Went the Day Well" for this game, with forces of around 30 to 40 figures on the table, but please bring what you have and if you have not got any I am sure that they will be enough to help field you a command. I am not going to set I need this and that faction but it would be nice to have a mix but if everyone bring Peoples Armies force it will still work, be even better, lol.I am going to keep tank number down low and these come in later in the year, but other light vehicles and cavalry/yeomanry are available from turn one.

Now I have some scenery mainly houses for some reason and some walls and barricades too but I do need help with other bits and pieces. So if  anyone can help with terrain boards and mats I would be grateful. I am looking to cover a space of 6' x 12'. If you can help here please let me know asap, thanks. Secondly I am needing trees, wood, etc, so again if anyone can help here please et me know. Like while roads and river sections too.  Actually any scenery you have can you please bring along. I think that all for the moment so thanks there chaps.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Something Different

Well for those how have been lucky enough to see the Country books by Solway you would of seen the schematic, line drawing I have done in them and follow the success of this I have been asked to some more and I have spent most of my day working on this. I think I have done over 200 different variations and i am knackered. What is worst is that I know there is more ahead of me. Anyway here are a couple of examples.

Lancers Uniform

Service Dress with Bedroll

Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy 30th Anniversary of the ZX Spectrum

Oh My God just how old do I feel knowing that the ZX Spectrum is 30 years old. Blimey I had one of these when I was at school shortly before getting a Commodore 64 and having the fun of spending hours waiting for a game to load for bloody thing to only crash on you.  But there some great games and great times had by me and my friends but strangely we still preferred to play outside and  played before going to bed. Oh how things have changed.

Oh yes also Happy St George's Day to all of you (from a Irishmen, omg I have turned English)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Introducing Colonel Sebastian Moran, 'The deadliest shot in India'

Yes I have finished Colonel Sebastian Moran, 'The deadliest shot in India' and just have the base to do. I am rather happy with the result, though my camera skill have left me at the moment. I have not painted him in any regimental uniforms but rather in a "sort of" hussar/yeomanry uniform. Though he is a sniper of sorts, there is no camouflage for him, rather believing "What's the use of camouflage for, Old Boy, when you can simple shoot him before he is in range?". You cant angry with that logic? The figure is meant for my VBCW force, Duke of Rutland's Own BUF and therefore baddies, lol, but I think he has more than the Victorian about him and thus cant be used for that time period too.

He is sculpted by the very talented Paul Hicks from his Mutton Chop Miniatures.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Not All of us Got to Salute :(

Yes I have not made to journey to Salute this year, I know what a light weight, but I am sure those that have are having a great time and enjoying themselves. So to compensate for not being there I am paint the new Henchman from Mutton Chops and game developing. The first I can show you and I have sort of based him, a little bit on Flashman and here are some WIP photos. I hope to have him finished shortly, bar the base that is.

The second one, the games developing i can talk about which is a pity as I think some of you would be very interested in it. So it is back to the paint brushes for me and ideas for the game. For those at Salute you lucky buggers.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Another Finished Illustration for the Albertines

Yes I have now completed the Mountain Volunteer Rifleman and I have to say I am very pleased with the look and pose of him. I know I say that about a lot of the ones I do but this one is very nice and even Mrs PK likes him. Actually Mrs PK wants to run away with him, so I now hate him, lol. I had gone for the civilian mountaineer look or ghillie look rather than a military one as I wanted that I know what I am doing up here feel and the sniper rifle, a scoped 303 Lee Enfield rather than a civilian rifle made sense, especially after so many of you said Lee Enfield. The scarf from St Mary's College, University of Lancaster, is to add a bit of colour and also to hint at the fact the chap was a profession before the war broke out and maybe even a amateur hunter.

Cumbrian Volunteer Mountain Rifle

Now I have to find a model figure in 28mm for him, that does not happen that often with me. If anyone has any ideas how to do this please let me know or suitable figures, etc, I would be grateful.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mountain Troopers

I have started the mountain trooper for the Albertine book and I think it is off to a cracking start. I am happy with the civilian clothing that he is wearing and the nice tones. I am looking forward to finishing him tomorrow night and then it is three to go :-). Also it brings me closer to my goal and the start of a new of a project. Here is the latest stage the chap is at.

Mountain Soldier, 1938

Also i have managed to paint the flesh or the faces of the Napoleon of Crime and his Henchman. There are lovely models to paint and cant wait to have them finished.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Strange Things Happen

Today something quite bizarre happen to me or rather this blog today. At lunch while at work I happily commented on some blogs and this one was working in its merry well that blogger does but when I got home I turned on computer, sat in front of it and went to my blog to check for any comments and I got a message stating that my blog had been removed. So I did the normal thing and closed down and started again and yet again my blog had been removed. Now at this point I started to wonder why me, what the fuck, oh no, who do I contact, panic, etc, etc so I thought that I would actually log into my account and guess what, yes your account has been closed due to Suspicious Behaviour. My account and blog where acting suspiciously? Anyway I got it sorted and it is back, phew!!!!

I have started my next painting project, these being THE BONAPARTE OF CRIME AND HENCHMAN from Mutton Chop. As the site says The Bonaparte of Crime the sworn adversary of Super Sleuth Sheer Luck Basil. This Crime lord sports an extra large Cranium used to hatch devious plots. The pack also contains his trusted Henchman a disgraced Colonal of the Indian Army. He is armed with his customised Mauser rifle. If anyone can tell me who the Henchman is I would be grateful. Here they are.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Maryport Artilleryman

Here is the next finished illustration this time of the Maryport Artillery. I have painted him as a semi-Victorian artillery uniform with a modern Bordie Helmet and a purple band to identify him as an Albertine.I am rather liking this Victorian influence in my painting and it has dot me thinking to doing some more of these Victorian Uniforms in the future. I am a lucky boy as I have landed me another couple of books to do which are on the English Civil War and will be published through the Shot and Pike Society. These will be a little different from these as them will be firstly historical and in black and white,and this should be fun. More on that a little later.

Maryport Artillery, 1938

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Skiddaw greys Volunteer Rifles

Here is the next finished illustration for the new Albertine book from Si at Solway. This chap is from an old 19th century Volunteer Rifle unit called the Skiddaw Greys and this unit has be revived by the locals to raise the unit again. He is based on a Victorian Militia uniform from the 1880s/1890s but I have given him civilian trousers, tweeds, for that more volunteer militia feel. I rather like him, as he is a middled aged volunteer who has fought in the Great War, has the medals to prove it and I think that there would a number of these gents in most volunteer units.

Skiddaw Grey, Albertine, 1938

Dinner Parties and Paintings

No this is not a new song from The Crash Test Dummies but a rather good, if boring, description of my evening. I started rather stupidly this illustration before friends were coming over for the said Dinner party. Well the best part of the evening, besides their wonderful selves and conversation, was the start I did on this illustration. No the rest of the evening as a bit of a disaster, but still a very enjoyable evening with plenty of red wine and Guinness.

Now back to the the illustration I can not decide if the trouser should be plain, cord or tweed. I am leaning toward tweed, because I "love" a challenge, but I am not sure. Anyway here is the latest stage and hopefully I should be able to finish him today.

Skiddaw Grey, 1938

Friday, 13 April 2012

Carrying on with the Theme

Yes indeed, carrying on with the Albertine theme here is the next in the series and here is a volunteer artilleryman. I have given him a Victorian influenced uniform again to keep with the theme on the rest of the plate but he has a modern Bordie helmet and trusted Webley service revolver to finish off the look. I keep thinking about him having a couple of medals or not. Well here he is.

Maryport Artillery, 1938
Plate C

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Another New Sketch for the Albertine Book

Yes indeed, not one but two new sketches for the new Albertine book with a third one hopefully being completed this evening. This fella is based on a mountain soldier or rather a 1930s mountaineer. I am rather happy with this one but cant decide on Lee Enfield 303 rifle or a civilian hunting rifle, can anyone help here?

Mountain Trooper, 1938 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Next Sketch for the Albertine Book

The next sketch for the Albertine book is a chap from the Skiddaw Greys, a volunteer rifle company during the Victorian times and revived during the VBCW. Their uniform echoes there past heritage of the Victorian volunteers with the high collar Victorian cut to the jacket. I think this will look rather nice and a little different from the other I have done recently.

Skiddaw Grey, 1938

Monday, 9 April 2012

VBCW at Partizan 27th May

Well here is the start for the roll call and a bit of an ask for anyone wishing to join in and play with us, oh er mrs. I have a table at Partizan, some troops and some scenery but I do require some help on boards and terrain front as I have very little. So if anyone is able to help out here I would be very grateful. I am looking to cover a similar area as last year which I believe was 6 by 12 but it might be a little less. If any of the players from last time can remember please let me know. I have some building for the village but if anyone has roads, trees and other building please let me know. 

Secondly can you shout who is playing and what forces they have that they want to field. I have left it loose so any forces can be fitted into it.

As for rules I will be using Mr Ook's Went the Day Well, as it will suit the level of game I am looking at. I will advise of the size shortly but I am thinking of a company with couple of bits of support but bring what you have and we'll get it on the table somehow.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

More on the Partizan Game.

In the meantime both Lord Quenby and the Bishop of Leicester have been invited to talks with the VIP. Being the heads of the Catholic forces at Quenby Hall and the Anglican League forces at Laude Abbey, both have chosen to come to this meeting, either out of advantage or curiosity, but both agreed to not being any troops with them. Of course they did.

And other factions and leaders, both local and from further afield, have been gathering they forces and making plans to either capture, hinder or take advantage of the developing situation.

Here below are the Town Hall and a couple of cottages from a company called 4Ground. I have to say for the price there are very good MDF building kits. They come pre painted and have instructions on how to build them which is very easy. The roofs come off the building as does the upper floor revealing the fully painted inside walls and floors. I have to say I rather like these buildings, wall and other things there do. They are of a good, high standard and well worth the money for them.

The Duke of Rutland's Own Company of British Union of Fascists

Here they are The Duke of Rutland's Own Company of British Union of Fascists presented to you. As I have said before I have gone for the grey uniform to give that futuristic feel and the blue facings of the Midlands and Severn Division and I am jolly happy with the results. I went brown leather webbing to add a bit of contrasting colour. I cant wait to use them in a game, once I have finished off the bases using the PanzerKaput's Basing Systemtm. Now back to illustrating the Albertine book.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

In The BUF Latest!

Well my unit of the Duke of Rutland's Own Company of the British Union of Fascists are, I think, coming along rather well. I went for a grey over black, to give them a more modern and 1930s futuristic feel and I think that it is work, or they are looking French. Just the finishing bits of bobs to do and them will hopefully finished today.

Friday, 6 April 2012

New Books from Solway

Yes indeed new books for Si at Solway for VBCW.  A two volume guide to the County forces of England, each volume will contain appx 120 colour schematic drawings of uniforms for Regular/TA, Militia and Yeomanary county by county. I have done the artwork for the front of the books and the uniform schematics in the books but Si has done all the hard work and colouring in it. I think that it is a great idea and book and worth the asking price. Here are some of the examples in the book.

The County Forces Part 1

The County Forces Part 2

First Example

Second Example

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Gentlemens' Wargames Parlour

The second time this week, three time since last Tuesday, gosh this is getting very annoying. For the three time the Gentlemen's Wargames Parlour is down and this is actually starting to piss me off. Dont get me wrong I dont spend every waking hour in there but it would be nice to go to it and find it is working. I dont blame the mods at GWP either is the servers and the providers of them. I hope that they can sort this out or else we lose a great forum.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The BUF are Taking Shape

I have done a little more to the BUF troops, I have base coated and washed the them. Next is the start of the highlights and build up of colours. I have gone more for an Italian Fascisti look with the grey as opposed to the black uniforms. I just think that the grey uniforms make them look more British and modern. I can wait to see them finished.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Start of Something New to Paint

I have started to paint my BUF troops getting ready for Partizan in May. Well thats the excuse to get them off my painting desk, especially as I have just order this fine fellow from Mutton Chops and what a carry on that will be, lol.

 Anyway but the BUF troops are for the talented Paul Hicks from Musketeer Miniatures from there VBCW Range. They are very nice sculpts, up to their high standards and I cant wait to have these finished. So far I have managed to paint the flesh.

I have also finished building, snapping together a Stuart Cottage from 4Ground a new company making MDF building and other terrain and these actually come painted so all you need to do is glue a little and you have a finished house for the princely sum of £16.00 which is not bad for a house. Here are so pictures of the house which I think is very good.

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