Friday, 20 April 2012

Another Finished Illustration for the Albertines

Yes I have now completed the Mountain Volunteer Rifleman and I have to say I am very pleased with the look and pose of him. I know I say that about a lot of the ones I do but this one is very nice and even Mrs PK likes him. Actually Mrs PK wants to run away with him, so I now hate him, lol. I had gone for the civilian mountaineer look or ghillie look rather than a military one as I wanted that I know what I am doing up here feel and the sniper rifle, a scoped 303 Lee Enfield rather than a civilian rifle made sense, especially after so many of you said Lee Enfield. The scarf from St Mary's College, University of Lancaster, is to add a bit of colour and also to hint at the fact the chap was a profession before the war broke out and maybe even a amateur hunter.

Cumbrian Volunteer Mountain Rifle

Now I have to find a model figure in 28mm for him, that does not happen that often with me. If anyone has any ideas how to do this please let me know or suitable figures, etc, I would be grateful.


  1. The hat and scarf colour really contrast well with the overall effect, as for a suitable figure I'll have a think but nothing is coming to mind yet...maybe 28mm WW2 British paras!

  2. Exceptionally good work my good man!!!

  3. Brilliant! Bolt action Commando with the camp comforter head sprue, bit of green stuff or tin foil for a scarf and snip part of a coctail stick for a telescopic sight!

    1. Thanks there Michael for the suggestion and Bolt Action actually have a Scoped Lee Enfield on the weapon sprue. Now you have me thinking.

  4. Excellent! He looks just the chap to make an enemy think twice before risking a crossing of moors or mountains.

  5. Fabulous illustration. The hat and scarf really bring out the ameteur soldier side of things well!

  6. Cheers there fellas and thanks for the suggestions. For those who are going to Salute have a good one and those of us who are not, silly show, didnt want to go.


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