Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The BUF are Taking Shape

I have done a little more to the BUF troops, I have base coated and washed the them. Next is the start of the highlights and build up of colours. I have gone more for an Italian Fascisti look with the grey as opposed to the black uniforms. I just think that the grey uniforms make them look more British and modern. I can wait to see them finished.


  1. Right with you on the grey, especially as black is so hard to tone! One thing I have picked up recently is Vallejo 'German Cammo. Black Brown', as the name would suggest it is a very dark brown, but I've been using it for black leather as it gives it a 'worn' look. Check out my Gurkhas webbing, which was then highlighted with a dark grey. It might help.

  2. Really looing nice so far.

  3. I agree I always think the black has a tendancy to be a bit plain, grey leaves more room for interesting shading.


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