Friday, 13 April 2012

Carrying on with the Theme

Yes indeed, carrying on with the Albertine theme here is the next in the series and here is a volunteer artilleryman. I have given him a Victorian influenced uniform again to keep with the theme on the rest of the plate but he has a modern Bordie helmet and trusted Webley service revolver to finish off the look. I keep thinking about him having a couple of medals or not. Well here he is.

Maryport Artillery, 1938
Plate C


  1. Interesting figures there- great work as ever!

  2. That is a splendid looking plate! Very well done that man.

  3. Nice!! Really really nice.

  4. Very much the image of an 'old sweat.' I think he should have a couple of medals.

  5. Again chaps thanks there the painted version of these will appear shortly.


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