Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dinner Parties and Paintings

No this is not a new song from The Crash Test Dummies but a rather good, if boring, description of my evening. I started rather stupidly this illustration before friends were coming over for the said Dinner party. Well the best part of the evening, besides their wonderful selves and conversation, was the start I did on this illustration. No the rest of the evening as a bit of a disaster, but still a very enjoyable evening with plenty of red wine and Guinness.

Now back to the the illustration I can not decide if the trouser should be plain, cord or tweed. I am leaning toward tweed, because I "love" a challenge, but I am not sure. Anyway here is the latest stage and hopefully I should be able to finish him today.

Skiddaw Grey, 1938


  1. You had the major food groups with the red wine and Guiness, so the rest doesn't matter!

    His portly paunch is looking good. Maybe he's had too much Guiness, too! ;-)

  2. He's certainly not missed out on any dinner party invites ;) Keep them plain and simple on this one.

  3. I'd say Tweed as well or maybe a simpler pinstripe??

  4. Cheers fellas I went for tweed.


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