Saturday, 28 April 2012

I Hate Scenery

Okay thats a general statement and I really dont hate scenery at all but having three packs of wall from 4Ground and rendered and painted the plastered parts of the wall its now brick time. I am bloody hating the time it is taking to paint the bricks and I am other about a third of the way through them. Still I need the wall for Partizan and it not that much that really needs doing just takes forever.

But happiness turned up today as a Thatched Cottage and Bared Wire barricades from 4Ground came in the post. I havent started on the cottage but I thought that I would  make up one of the barricades and I think is looks okay. Now I need to throw a lick of paint on it and rust the wire and its done. Here is a picture of it for you to make your own minds up about it.

You can see in the background an experiment on wheatfields and I think that I have the right colour now.


  1. Two thumbs-up for the field color and barricade assembly!

  2. Ha ha, I did warn you that the brick work is a complete bore! I bet that the results will be worth the effort though. That barricade looks brilliant, perfect for a road block in 1938.

  3. It is always the way that when you have so much to do on the painting table along comes a labour intensive job that has to be done first! As has already been mentioned, it will be worth it in the end; the barricade does look great thug. ;)

  4. T like those barricades and I have another nine to do.


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