Sunday, 8 April 2012

More on the Partizan Game.

In the meantime both Lord Quenby and the Bishop of Leicester have been invited to talks with the VIP. Being the heads of the Catholic forces at Quenby Hall and the Anglican League forces at Laude Abbey, both have chosen to come to this meeting, either out of advantage or curiosity, but both agreed to not being any troops with them. Of course they did.

And other factions and leaders, both local and from further afield, have been gathering they forces and making plans to either capture, hinder or take advantage of the developing situation.

Here below are the Town Hall and a couple of cottages from a company called 4Ground. I have to say for the price there are very good MDF building kits. They come pre painted and have instructions on how to build them which is very easy. The roofs come off the building as does the upper floor revealing the fully painted inside walls and floors. I have to say I rather like these buildings, wall and other things there do. They are of a good, high standard and well worth the money for them.


  1. I'd second your comments Sir! 4ground offer some excellent products. I've not yet tried their pre-painted products yet but the rest of their extensived and rapidly growing range are excellent. I want to see how these buildings look with the Panzer scenic touch!

  2. They appear to be very good indeed.

  3. They really do look good and remind me of parts of Shrewsbury! Definitely worth investing in.

  4. I love them and the company is part of another company who do things for English Heritage, rather good all round.


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