Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mountain Troopers

I have started the mountain trooper for the Albertine book and I think it is off to a cracking start. I am happy with the civilian clothing that he is wearing and the nice tones. I am looking forward to finishing him tomorrow night and then it is three to go :-). Also it brings me closer to my goal and the start of a new of a project. Here is the latest stage the chap is at.

Mountain Soldier, 1938

Also i have managed to paint the flesh or the faces of the Napoleon of Crime and his Henchman. There are lovely models to paint and cant wait to have them finished.


  1. Looking good Pete, and great start on the evil mastermind!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your illustrations, they are excellent, Sir. Also, your two ornery gangsters look like they are in for some serious mischief in the near future!

  3. Thanks again fellas. I have nearly finished the chap and hope to have he up tomorrow.


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