Sunday, 15 April 2012

Skiddaw greys Volunteer Rifles

Here is the next finished illustration for the new Albertine book from Si at Solway. This chap is from an old 19th century Volunteer Rifle unit called the Skiddaw Greys and this unit has be revived by the locals to raise the unit again. He is based on a Victorian Militia uniform from the 1880s/1890s but I have given him civilian trousers, tweeds, for that more volunteer militia feel. I rather like him, as he is a middled aged volunteer who has fought in the Great War, has the medals to prove it and I think that there would a number of these gents in most volunteer units.

Skiddaw Grey, Albertine, 1938


  1. Excellent work pete one of your best yet. Love the tweed trousers. Your fine work here will give me a great opportunity to use those figures I painted in greys and reds last year. Albertine force here I come.

    1. Glad to have help out Mr Smillie. Glad you like him.

  2. Oh alright then, the tweed does look ok ;-) Great work Pete!

  3. He looks ready to give what-for to the Bolshies just like he gave it the Boers in '01' eh what?

    Excellent work, PK!

  4. Very nice illustrations, Sir.

  5. I like it lots. The red cuffs trims go well with the grey.

  6. Great work, looks like an Italian to me??

  7. Thanks there chaps I have rather enjoyed this one though I am a little worried that one of you think he looks Italian, lol.


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