Monday, 9 April 2012

VBCW at Partizan 27th May

Well here is the start for the roll call and a bit of an ask for anyone wishing to join in and play with us, oh er mrs. I have a table at Partizan, some troops and some scenery but I do require some help on boards and terrain front as I have very little. So if anyone is able to help out here I would be very grateful. I am looking to cover a similar area as last year which I believe was 6 by 12 but it might be a little less. If any of the players from last time can remember please let me know. I have some building for the village but if anyone has roads, trees and other building please let me know. 

Secondly can you shout who is playing and what forces they have that they want to field. I have left it loose so any forces can be fitted into it.

As for rules I will be using Mr Ook's Went the Day Well, as it will suit the level of game I am looking at. I will advise of the size shortly but I am thinking of a company with couple of bits of support but bring what you have and we'll get it on the table somehow.


  1. The Rejects keep talking about visiting Partizan, we may make it the year, but its still a bit too close to Salute.

    1. There is Other Partizan in September which I will be there and VBCW game will happen. Actually I have something very sweet planned for the September game. The Rejects are welcome to join this.

  2. Sadly old chap I'm tied up (not literally) in Aberdeen at the moment so I won't be able to make it down this year. Hope it goes well for you sir, and I trust you will provide photos here!

  3. I will provide photos my dear friends.


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