Wednesday, 25 April 2012

VBCW Game at Partizan Show 27th May

Well, well, well now that Salute 2012 is over I now it is time to get the Partizan game up and running, so to this end here I go.

So there is a VIP, no names as yet but their is a connection between Alex Cold in Alex, this year and a well know person, who is at the Old Hall Manor having a rest and a bit of a recruitment drive for funds and the faction when some dash bad luck has happened. Now being rather close to the city of Leicester, the Fosse Way or the A6 and some other important places, news has got out of a private meeting between this VIP and a couple of the factions and the others have decided after many days looking for this VIP and meeting to gatecrash it, those bouncers. So the village of Queniborough resting happily unaware of the forces coming to it and with the VIP also unaware of what is ahead its way. Luckily for the VIP the actually forces are still not sure of actually who it is they are after, what forces they having at their disposal and who else is coming to "investigate". So let battle begin.

I am going to be using Mr Ooks rules "Went the Day Well" for this game, with forces of around 30 to 40 figures on the table, but please bring what you have and if you have not got any I am sure that they will be enough to help field you a command. I am not going to set I need this and that faction but it would be nice to have a mix but if everyone bring Peoples Armies force it will still work, be even better, lol.I am going to keep tank number down low and these come in later in the year, but other light vehicles and cavalry/yeomanry are available from turn one.

Now I have some scenery mainly houses for some reason and some walls and barricades too but I do need help with other bits and pieces. So if  anyone can help with terrain boards and mats I would be grateful. I am looking to cover a space of 6' x 12'. If you can help here please let me know asap, thanks. Secondly I am needing trees, wood, etc, so again if anyone can help here please et me know. Like while roads and river sections too.  Actually any scenery you have can you please bring along. I think that all for the moment so thanks there chaps.


  1. If we were going I'm sure the Rejects would help!

  2. Excellent stuff, as a former Irregular I have not been to Partizan in recent years as much as I'd like - we're getting to this one though and I very much look forward to seeing your game there

    1. Incidentally I'm trying to set up a campaign set around 1938 Newark and surrounding villages at the moment - far too many projects going on at the moment...

  3. Chaps thanks there and Headologist I look forward to meeting you. I wish you all the best with getting a campaign setup and I know what you mean but far too many projects.


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