Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Duke of Rutland's Own

I have managed to finish two, yes two units for the game at Partizan this Sunday 27th May. The first unit is actually the Duke of Rutland's' Own BUF Company in there new BUF uniforms bases on the Italian Fascists rather than the Nazis of German.

The actual uniform of with the blue facings identifying them as a part of the Severn and Midlands Division and the Company flag bears the arms of the Duke himself.

I am rather happy with the uniforms and the overall effect and feel of the unit. The miniatures are from Musketeers' Inter-War Range, sculpted by Paul Hicks and are rather nice I hope you agree.

If that wasn't enough the next unit is the BUF Militia from Leicestershire which have fled to join the Duke and his forces in a hope of fighting the socialists of Leicester and strangely they now have there chance.
These chaps being militia of sorts have now uniform what so ever and one might say that they have no direction what so ever save causing mischief and mayhem.

These fellows are from Paul Hicks' own company Mutton Chop Miniatures being his Weasels and it somehow fits them. I will be replacing the banner with something more well weaselly once Partizan is out of the way. I again are rather pleased with myself as these have turned out are nicely.

And just to finish off I have and finished and based Syd James and Charles Hawtree again from Mutton Chops and these chaps will be seeing an outing to at Partizan.


  1. I've got to say Pete, you really are on top form at the moment - these look excellent! Foe what it's worth your version of Sid James looks better than the one on Mr. Hicks own site!

  2. Beautiful figures and painting Pete!

  3. i like your figures beautiful, im following #83

  4. Excellent work, PK!

    I love the BUF militia men. The pinstriping on the waistcoat of the chap with the cat on his shoulder is brilliant! (I keep thinking Argus Filch and Mrs Norris from Harry Potter when I look at him!)

  5. Lovely work, sir! Gotta love Paul Hicks' sculpting skills too. Great stuff!

  6. Great work! The really dialed-in the leather colors.

  7. Thanks there guys I really enjoyed painting them, surprise, surprise. Welcome AguiLeon

  8. I'm sure the wonderfully painted Rutland's Own will serve you well!!


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