Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Fight at Queniborough Partizan 2012

The little, historic village of Queniborough awoke on Sunday morning to the distance sounds of vehicles moving and men marching.

Meanwhile in the  village Princess Elizabeth was having talks with several of the local faction leaders but the others had got wind of this and planned and moved against her.

The Duke of Rutland raced forward his BUF troops, the elite of his army, towards the small village but others had plans too. The Bishop of Bath and Wells visiting the local Anglican League encampment pushed up from Launde Abbey with his movements being tracked and follows by the Somerset Freedom Fighters. Others loyal to King Edward VIII in the shape of the WI and Melton Hunter rushed forward to help, capture the Princess. The socialist force raced out of the city of Leicester to head off the BUF and Al forces operating too close to the city while a force of Albertines came as a relief force the Princess.

And it was not long before the first shots were fired, actually it was a jam jar bomb at the local Everads Morris Troop causing them to retreat into the pub where they stayed. Before long the SFF was attacking the hunt, the socialists push up hard in the centre, the Albertines flanking the SFF and marching at the socialists. Meanwhile the Bishop of Bath and Wells moved his troops together the house where the Princess was and the BUF forces having problems crossing the walls and hedges.

The Hunt charge toward the yellow house but the SFF took advantage of this and caused casualties in there ranks. in the meantime the Albertine forces clashed with the socialists but the Albertine cavalry got cut down but the post office trade union personnel. in the meantime the Bishops troops advanced to take up good positions and started to range in mortars on the BUF causing them to retire but they also still suffered from the walls and hedges and not being able to climb over them.

More to follow later.


  1. Fabulous looking table and game there. Wish that I could have been there.

  2. Great game map setup, Sir. Great shot of a fox "on-the-run"!

  3. A gteat set of pics, it looks like a terrific game!

  4. This looks so awesome. Fantastic!!

  5. A wonderful start; more! We want more!

    I see VBCW has a new home, by the way.


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