Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flags for Partizan

Here are a couple of flags that I have made for my Duke of Rutland's Own British Union of Fascists Company or by the socialists of Leicester as the Doctor O Buffs on account of shorting to DROBUF. I have gone for the symbol of Rutland, the acorns and horseshoe and add the moniker referring back to the War of the Roses and how even now the Duke is loyal to the King.

I have also done another flag for the Leicester BUF using the county flag and the Boars of Richard III. Also the moniker which states True to God and the King in latin.

All these chaps are gathering their forces as we speak name drive on Queniborough.

Can anyone help me with the flag for the Weasels in Wind in the Willows. I was thinking simply a plain tattered flag with the words Weasels written on it, but what do you think?


  1. i love the flag designs, they're so redolent of previous British Civil Wars. Nice touch!

    As for the weasels' flag design, perhaps you could go with a large 'W' on a field in a single color? From what you say of such a shiftless lot, spelling Weasels would be both a challenge and a chore.

  2. Check out this site, its a weasel in a coat of arms.

    Did you use the Gimp programme to make these?


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