Thursday, 17 May 2012

Here is the VIP for you

As I have reported earlier I can reveal who the VIP is. Firstly I can report that she has been seen in the village of  Queniborough in Leicestershire and she seems to be meeting various faction heads and leaders. The question that has to be asked is "What is she doing and who is she working for?" I have tried to find out what is going on but the locals and some hired thugs have stopped me from finding out, but I did manage to snap this picture of the VIP and I think you will be surprised to see who she is. Now the question is who is she working for? Is it her father and if that is the case what are these meeting about? Is it her Uncle and if so why? 

A Royal Princess

For Ray you lucky and scary boy.

A Royal Princess but who is she working for?


  1. Nice painting, PK. But I'm a clueless Yankee.

    1. Sorry mate I forgot that some of you are from the other side of the pond, its Prince Elizabeth later to become Queen Elizabeth II, actually my employer.

  2. Awesome the detail turned out great!

  3. Excellent!!!! But I'm not sure which one I prefer???? Princess Lizzie or Princess Syd????

  4. Yeah! I guessed correctly. What a superb miniature Pete, and how appropriate given all the celebrations this year. Wouldn't mind having a go at one of those myself.

  5. Ray does look like Princess Syd!

  6. Excellent. Very nice work all round.

  7. Thanks there chaps and I am glad that you like her.

    Angry I hear that Ray has the uniform that Syd is wearing


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